This Is What Missing Her Really Means Because It’s Not Just Texting At 2 AM


You can text her after midnight, claiming that you miss her and cannot wait to see her again, but those words mean nothing without actions to back them up. You aren’t serious about missing her if you never make actual plans to see her in person. If you’re all talk.

Besides, you shouldn’t only miss her after the sun sets, when your bed is empty and you’re feeling lonely. You shouldn’t only miss her during the times when you’ve been chugging beer and taking vodka shots.

You should miss her when your phone lights up with a text message from her because even though you’re lucky enough to talk to her, you would rather talk to her in person. Face-to-face. You would rather have her gorgeous eyes staring back at you. You would rather hear her voice and see her smile.

You should miss her when you’ve just driven away from her house and come to the realization that you miss her already. That no matter how much time you spend together, it will never be enough. You will always want more of her.

You should miss her every time you wake up in the morning without her breath against your skin. You should want every day to start off with your lips against her forehead. With your arms wrapped tightly around each other.

You should miss her when you’re driving in your car, blasting music, and wish she was sitting beside you to scream the lyrics. You should want one hand on the wheel and the other on her thigh. You should want her there for all of your long drives because she can turn even the most boring trip into an adventure.

You should miss her when you’re watching movies on your couch and realize you would be much happier if she were sitting beside you with her head on your lap. When you decide that every little piece of your life is better when she is around to experience it alongside you.

You should miss her when you’ve had a good day and want someone to talk to about how much you’ve accomplished — and you should miss her when you’ve had a rough day and want someone to listen to you vent about how much you hate your job. You should want to tell her everything.

You should miss her when you see other couples holding hands and decide that she is the only girl you want to do that with. She is the only one who makes you excited about the idea of committing. She is the only one you can imagine creating a future alongside.

You should miss her when you’re out with friends, when you’re surrounded by a crowd, when she should be the last thing on your mind. You should want her around all the time. Not only when you’re bored. Not only when you’re lonely.

You should always want her standing by your side because she makes you a happier person. A more fulfilled person. A better person.