This Is What Our Love Used To Be


It used to be fiery.
Do you miss it? Or even remember it?
We used to be inseparable, so passionate,
We are the beautiful kind of crazy.

I still feel those kisses and the way your hands sunk into my body.
I still picture the way our bodies entwined in and out of the soft sheets.
But should I just be contented in reminiscing these distant memories?
Tell me why did we lose it? When did we lose it?

Perhaps it’s the distance
Or it could be the fights
Or the fact that we already reached the point of being too comfortable.
The relationship became too easy, too familiar.

I admit it was exactly how I aimed it to be;
A relationship that’s so relaxed, we won’t have to argue about anything.
But now that we are here,
It just doesn’t feel right.

The sweet agitations and anxieties have passed.
There’s no worrying what to wear, how to speak and how to spend the day.
All that exists is disturbing calmness.
We woke up like this and did not even notice.

We did not have the chance to step back and pull each other together.
We got lost in life’s mundanity,
It has become of us,
And sadly, we cared less to save ourselves from falling off the cliff.

Could it be me?
Have my skin and hair gone too dry?
Have I become less exciting?
Are you on the verge of finding someone more stimulating?

I used to take your breath away.
Now, I am nothing but a boring territory,
And that out there is where you want to be,
Not on these warm soft sheets that used to drive you crazy.