This Is What She Really Wants To Tell You But Won’t


She wants to tell you that she loves you for the right reasons. That she loves everything about you; your body, your personality and your heart. She wants to draw a smile of eternity on your face. She’s crazy about you so much. She cares about you even more. She wants you to know that not a day goes by that she doesn’t think of you. In fact, she thinks about you all the time. Non-stop. She dreams about you, more than you think.

She wants to tell you that she misses you. She misses the person she was when you were together. She misses having you around. She misses hugging you, she misses you holding her. She misses feeling safe because of your presence. She misses feeling like she can conquer the world because you were by her side. She misses falling asleep like a child. She misses you comforting her, assuring her that everything’s gonna be okay.

She wants you to know that she only wanted you. She wants to scream it at the top of her lungs. She wants the whole world to know. She didn’t want money, status or someone to be there. She wanted you to be happy and her only wish was that it would be with her. She wanted you to have the life you deserve and to chase after your dreams. She wanted you to find meaning. She wanted you to follow your purpose. She wanted you to be the one who she returned to at the end of the day. She wanted it to be you. The one she marries. The one she starts a family with. The one she tells her fears to. And the one she lives all of her dreams beside.. The one she thought she’ll end-up with.

She wants you to know that she forgives you. She forgives you for not being the man she needed. She forgives you for not being there for her. She forgives you for being mad at her for quite some time. She forgives you for leaving, emotionally before physically. She forgives you for not fighting as hell for a future of you together. She forgives you for not giving her what she deserved the most. She forgives you for breaking her heart, for shattering all of her hopes. She forgives you for being selfish. And she forgives you for being human. She hopes you forgive her too.

She wants to tell you she’s sorry. She’s sorry she wasn’t good enough for you to stay. She’s sorry she wasn’t everything you wanted. She’s sorry she couldn’t make it work. She’s sorry she said some things she didn’t mean. She’s sorry she didn’t fight for you till the end. She’s sorry she eventually gave-up. She’s sorry her memory of you started fading. And she’s sorry she’s not sure whether she loves you or not, whether she’ll wait or move on.