This Is What She Will Write About You When You Break Her Heart


There will only be three things a writer could ever write about you. But in those three things, her heart will be on the ink of her pen. In those three things, you will be engraved in every curve and line in every letter of her every word.

“Once upon a time…”

This would be the first—the beginning.

This will be the start of everything. This is when you entered the door of her world. This part will be of paths crossing, or of eyes first meeting. This will contain the first time you made the butterflies in her stomach flutter, the first time you made her heart race and even the small details of how smiles were first exchanged. This will be of you accidentally bumping to each other, of silly questions like “What if you’re the one?” and of your name and the word “destiny” in one sentence.

She will write about what she considers today are the simple things but which will later might hold great meanings.

This is where she will write her daydreams: the stories about magic castles where you are the prince and she is the princess.

This is the beginning—the foundation of a story which might happen.

“And then, the next thing…”

This would be the second—the middle.

This will contain all the things in between: from the sleepless nights of talking on the phone to the countless hours of you in her thoughts. This is where you asked the question and she said yes, and the story went on.

Her poems will be about the moonlit date by the beach when you watched the stars cover the night, and the walk at the park when your hands interlaced with hers. She will write about the simple things like the mint in your shampoo and the fragrance of your perfume.

In this second part, she will talk about the look on your face while rest your head on her lap, about the sound of your voice when you sing her a song and even about the funny expressions you make when you deliver a joke.

But this part, it will not only be of laughs and joy, but it will also be of the lonely nights and dull days. It will also contain the moments of missing you. It will also contain the day when you or she first slammed the door, or when you or she did not answer the other’s call. It will contain disagreements and reconciliations.

However, you should know that this part is special. Because above the beautiful and ugly things, this is the part where she explains how much she loves you, every single detail about you.

Lastly, the third thing—the one she prays she wouldn’t write.

This is the part where everything suddenly breaks apart. This is when she will write about the day you put your clothes in your luggage and stepped out the door without looking back. About the day all ties were cut and all that’s left were memories of the past.

This is where she will write about the questions in her mind, “What have I done wrong?” or “How did we get here?”

The sleepless nights will no longer be because of unending phone conversations but because of the “what ifs” and the unanswered questions. Her stories will no longer be about magic castles. Inside her, the butterflies will lose their wings and will no longer flutter. It will just be pain.

In this last part, her poem will contain only the broken pieces of her heart. There will be no ellipses, just a dot.


The third thing will be just that: “The end.”