This Is What Taking Chances In Life REALLY Means Because It’s Not Just YOLO Decisions


It is fun to execute a thought the second it hits your mind. I get that. It feels awesome to be doing something that brings a rush to your blood. Spontaneity adds spice to your life. The spur-of-the-moment decisions you make give you interesting things to share with people. But this does not have to happen all the time. Not every act that you carry out should be based on your emotions solely. You should take some time to really ponder about the choices that you are making. Because everything that you do has, one way or another, an impact on your future.

The idea of living in a city outside of your home country seems to be a huge fantasy to fulfill. I mean, it is definitely exciting to meet new people and experience a new culture. Moving somewhere is going to change you for sure. But before committing yourself to staying in a place for a long period of time, you have to visit it first. Get to know the surroundings not as a starry-eyed tourist but as someone who can potentially be a local. Find the pros and cons of starting from scratch in a foreign land. You can’t just randomly spin the globe one night, and head over to the spot where your finger lands the next morning. Some small research can assist you in coming up with big decisions.

The same can be said for a job or career path you are thinking of pursuing. It is important to look for companies who majorly share the same beliefs and principles that you have. Imagine working in a place where gender bias exists. Can you really survive in that kind of environment? Maybe you can if you try hard. But you will not be completely happy going to work every day, knowing some people don’t recognize your skills and talents purely because of your gender. And you are probably going to regret the time when you immediately signed a contract with a company that does not accept you for who you are.

While it is true that romantic relationships do come and go, your first experiences should be nothing but special. Never give your first kiss, your first genuine I love you, or your virginity to someone if you do not feel like you are not ready yet. You are the only one who has the right to determine the exact point when you want to share your soul with another person. Being picky and having high standards is how you show everyone that you have self-care and self-respect. You should not allow pressure to dictate you into doing something you wish you could take back one day.

Now I understand that impulse buying is difficult to avoid sometimes. When you see something that looks good on you, it is as if you quickly want to have it in your possession. We are all guilty of this. Once in a while, it is acceptable. We deserve to buy ourselves something nice too. But living above your means and telling everyone that you can not help it is an excuse only an irresponsible person makes. All of us have self-control. It is a matter of how dedicated you are to containing yourself from spending your money on unnecessary things. Do not wait for the time when debt destroys your financial reputation.

Occasionally, when a situation is too complicated for you to handle, what seems to be the easiest alternative to do is to turn around and walk away. “I am not wasting my time, goodbye,” is the single, most powerful sentence that you can say the moment you decide you are too tired to resolve a conflict. In some ways, that is a valid reason for you to leave. But if you are going to quit every circumstance that you find yourself not liking, you are never going to feel settled in your life. You will always be on the run, out and about looking for the perfect place that does not exist. You do not have to fling your YOLO card in the air because of petty problems. Be strategic too sometimes. There are days when you need to stick around and there is a day when you can finally make a move.

At a young age, it is expected that you are going to be wild and reckless. Trouble is your sweet little, acquaintance. You experiment and say yes to scary things. You live unapologetically, you love deeply, you do anything that makes you feel like a real human being. You so desperately want to experience all the worldly pleasures, not realizing that your body has limitations. Everything you take for granted will come to an end. Your system deteriorates quick and fast when you abuse it. And in as much as you strongly believe in living life like there is no tomorrow, maybe a tiny part of you still does not want to only be born and die quick and fast.

There are so many arguments about saying what you feel towards someone. To a certain extent, I do agree that you should not let the chance slip out of your hands. You should go tell the person you like how much you appreciate them and want them and are interested in taking care of them. Bravery does deliver you to beautiful places in life. But taking a risk does not always result in a fruition. I think before you profess your love for someone, you need to ask yourself if you are prepared for the repercussion that comes after being honest about your feelings. Some people might find it uncomfortable that you are thinking of them as more than a friend. Some people might make fun of your big heart. You have to calculate your risk and make a resolution if the price is worth the gamble.

Taking chances should be a well-thought-out decision that you make. Do not do or say something that can negatively affect your future just because it feels great to do or say it now. You owe yourself a good life after today. Holding your tongue and taking control of your emotions does not make you a loser. In fact, being smart and mature in every circumstance that you fall into makes you a winner all along.

It does not hurt to sleep and wake up with a fresh mind and perspective the next day when something is bothering you. Timing makes a lot of difference. You do not have to react or answer or make a decision quickly. Give your head space and your heart time when choosing between two options. Consider the outcome of what you are going to take a chance on. Because there is nothing more heartbreaking than realizing there is no longer anything you can do about what is already written in history. Nothing is sadder than realizing it is a little too late to regret and to say sorry for all the mistakes you made in the past.