This Is What The Girl Who Loves You Wants You To Know


Love has an inexplicable power to nurture both of you. It feeds the soul, the heart and the body. When her heart is fed with your unfailing love, she thrives and when she’s deprived with it, she becomes love-starved.

But she loves you so deeply, and this is what she wants you to know:

She deserves to be valued and appreciated. And her love should not be taken for granted. Let her happiness be your priority. And don’t let her beg for your time.

She will always forgive and give you dozens of chances. Because there is something so splendid and so abundant about love that she can’t help but forgive.

Don’t shove her away by your indifference. Don’t let her walk around being starved for the smallest crumb of your affection.

Don’t be too late to learn that the true love of a woman’s heart is a precious gift. When you don’t learn to value this gift, eventually you will lose it.

You don’t need to spend the entirety of your days with her. You don’t need to call and talk to her all the time. You don’t need to send her sweet messages each moment, but don’t ignore her.

Let her feel you are fully with her, not just showing up. Don’t let her feel like she’s just another plaything or another ad-hoc lover for you.

You don’t need to tell her you love her every minute of the day but don’t let her miss your love. Her heart is like a plant, it needs to be watered to stay alive and to blossom with a beautiful scented flower. So when you water her heart with so much love, it overflows with fragrance of sweetness.

Don’t turn her into everything you hate – an irritable, a cranky, an impatient and a hypersensitive woman. Hold on her real tight. Instill in her mind that her presence is valued and appreciated.

Give her the chance to show how much she loves you and how compassionate she is. Tell her the truth and don’t lie to her. Prove to her that you are not one of those jerks. Not selfish and insensitive, but that you can be trusted and you are not going to break her heart into pieces.

Her tender heart is a blessing, remember that. Loving her deeply is not even a mistake. It is a special gift from God. And loving her before anything else is not the worst weakness but a proof of who you really are, as a man and as a human being.

And the last thing that you should know: She has a soft, loving, passionate and caring heart for you. And she is giving you her devotion, her joy and happiness with so much love. Not all women are capable of loving you like this. You have her and know that from the bottom of your heart. Hold tightly to her and thank your lucky stars that you found her in this life.