This Is What To Do When He No Longer Loves You


When he says he no longer loves you, take a moment to let the words sink in.

Let the words sink in. As surreal and chilling as they are, let them wash over you like the current. Let them crash over you as you slowly process what they mean. Let their meaning immerse your mind and register the complication it has.

It will take a while, I promise you.

Because no matter how prepared you think you are or imagined in your worst nightmare of this happening, you will still be shocked. No matter how strong you are, you will still crumble in the face of his unforgiving words.

You couldn’t believe that the relationship you thought was the closest you had to perfection was a lie. You couldn’t believe that you and he weren’t immune to goodbye and ending. You couldn’t believe any of this was happening.

Most importantly, you couldn’t believe the him that you loved was gone completely. In your mind’s eye, you think back to all the times he had been there for you. The one person you thought you could always depend on. The undeniable joy and happiness he gave you for that period in your life. And just like that, you couldn’t believe that everything was gone.

When he says it’s better for you and him to be apart, believe him. He may sugarcoat his words and say he’s not sure what the future hold. He may want to be the good guy and maintain a friendship with you. He may not have the courage to tell you the truth. That while you and he shared a memorable and unforgettable past; you have no place in his future.

That as much as he still cares for you, it doesn’t change the fact that he no longer wants to be with you.

When he says he wants to end things with you, believe him. As sorry as he is for hurting you, take solace in the fact that at least he is trying to be truthful with you. He stopped loving you and he let you go so that you can find the one who can.

Take all the time you can to grieve and then, let him go. Believe that as much as you don’t want to, this is the best option you have. That you deserve so much better than someone who no longer loves you. That when one person admitted he doesn’t want to be with you, there is nothing else you can do and honestly, you shouldn’t try either. That it’s not your fault or anyone’s fault, life happens and for reasons still unknown to you. And that slowly but certainly, this pain will pass and it will get better.

Remember in your most wrecked state that often the most beautiful beginnings comes after the darkest times. It will start to make sense in a couple of months or years down the road. This loss is making way for a brand new start that you need. Draw strength from your past experiences of how you rise above difficult and dark times and survived. Believe in hope that better days are ahead.

When he left you, don’t take it as an inconsolable loss. Take it as that he’s doing you a favor. Take it as a blessing in disguise. Take it as a valuable lesson. Because your life didn’t end the day he stopped loving you.

On the contrary, it’s the beginning of the rest of your life and you know it’s going to be nothing short of amazing.