This Is What You Can Learn From Your Lucid Daydreams


You know the moments you catch yourself drifting off into another land from work, your children’s or parents’ conversations, a dinner party, conversations you are having with your friends, or the time right before you wake up or before bed?

Many people have probably woken you up from this awake land you drifted into by saying, “HELLO, EARTH TO (YOUR NAME). Are you here? Where did you go?”

And you enter back into your body all frazzled, because the truth is you didn’t even know you went off into another world; it just happened. And then you try to ask yourself, “Where did I go?”

If you were with people, you know you weren’t gone for too long because they called you back into reality. Yet if you’re alone when this happens, you begin to wonder, “How long was I lost in this daydream?

Sometimes you remember you were creating visions, and later you may feel déjà vu. Sometimes you snap back into reality and feel like, “Woah, what did I experience?”

Why did I have that vision? It doesn’t make any sense. Why did that experience feel so real, like it happened in real life?

Then you begin to reflect on the vision, and some of these thoughts may arise within you: It felt like I was in another room at my parent’s house, or a movie theater with my friend, or at an ice cream shop I’ve never been to, or I got news this friend betrayed me in the future, or this person became a client, or I receive a promotion at a company I don’t work for yet. 

Through these visions, it feels like experiencing an unknown future event happening right now in this present moment. You were sitting right there the whole time, but it felt like you were physically somewhere else. It felt so real. How could this happen? You try to hyper-analyze it, and then you move forward with your day.

Sometimes tears begin to roll down your face when you are in this daydreaming state. And many times, as I once did in my life, you begin to wonder when these visions will end up happening in your real life. Then, when the daydream finally manifests in some unknown future time, you remember and say to yourself, “I SAW THIS. Yet where did I see this?”

Your mind begins to hyper-reflect.  You keep returning to the question, “Where did I see this happen in my life before it happened?” And you remember your awake dream state.

Part of you feels freaked out.

Part of you has become accustomed to this unexplained hiccup in your life experience.

Part of you is curiously wondering, “How can I do this more frequently with increased consistency around the manifestations I want to create in my reality?”

Well, little did I know back when I was having these visions, it was my third eye — my mind’s eye.

Little did I know it was my psychic abilities coming online.

Little did I know this is an essential human gift and function that all of us carry.

Little did I know that these daydreams were out-of-body experiences where I was leaving my body and going into various timelines in my future and accessing information about what was about to occur in my life.

Little did I know I could use this information to realign my current reality with actions that would guarantee short-term and long-term results.

Little did I know these daydreams were me accessing other realms to create things in the now to further my dreams and practically create results, impact, influence, and a fantastic lifestyle.

Little did I know this was an operating and guidance system that every human has available to them.

Little did I know I could go into this dream state to access whatever reality I wanted to create.

Every single human being can access this dream state reality. Every single human has access to the third eye visions. Every single person can begin to create and align to a life that will guarantee results.

We’re just beginning to become aware of these daydreams so we know how to co-create them into the now at a more rapid speed. As you do this work, you’ll begin to go on a journey that transforms your perspective of the results you so badly cling to, thinking they’ll bring you freedom, joy, love, and happiness. Instead, you’ll learn how to trust the awake dream state visions because, on this journey, you will begin to SEE other possibilities of what freedom truly feels like. This journey of realization of what you think you need to obtain and what you actually need differ because we each carry some form of the following that creates a blockage for our breakthrough:

•Emotional and energetic blockages hindering our sight of what is truly possible

•Attachment to outcomes of things that really will not serve us

•Unhealthy patterns that keep us addicted to relationships that are holding us back

•A team of angels and guides asking us to do, be, and express things we are fearful of doing, being, and saying, yet we’re asking for unexplainable results and not following the guidance.

•Habits that keep us distracted to fit into this world’s standard instead of following our inner knowing

As well as a list of other possible causes for malfunction or appeared dysfunction that’s happening in our bodies or realities of WHY this ideal thing hasn’t yet manifested in our reality. And these daydreams I have described are here to offer you a bridge to close the gap on where you are today and what you desire to achieve.

This is why starting and deepening your spiritual journey is a commitment that must occur. Because these daydreams become our reality when we know how to capture them and move them through us.

These daydreams allow us to accelerate our journey to receive our badly desired results. These lucid dreams allow our reality to become more magical than we could have imagined because we step out of the linear mind and into the world of infinite possibilities.

Your spiritual practice must become a habit to allow yourself to get in environments that will enable you to put language into your life experience and surround yourself with others who allow these awake daydreams to lead their life. Thus, you begin to feel a sense of true community with others who are on this same wild journey instead of isolation.