This Is What You Learn When Your Friend Becomes Your Job Competition


She’s your friend. You both uplift each other, support each other through your darkest days, and reassure each other that you both are worthy, capable, and lovable.

She’s your job competition. You met her because you’re both looking to break into the same industry, to take a chance on a new life path. You both applied for the same position, and now, the two of you are vehemently hoping that the universe (and your SEO titles) will align perfectly, leading you both in the direction of your dreams.

But, there can only be one. Only one talented candidate will land the job, only one capable prospect will earn the opportunity to follow their dreams. Chances are, neither of you will be that chosen candidate, but the distinct possibility exists that one of you will walk away with a job, while the other will leave with her dreams dashed.

The prospect of your close friend becoming a rival job candidate may frighten you, rock you to your core. As a die-hard perfectionist, you may immediately feel threatened by the possibility that your friend might outshine you, leaving you in the dust to bemoan your lost career opportunity. Who are you if you aren’t the most suitable candidate? What is your friendship if you and your friend no longer stand on equal ground? Is it wrong of you to want to do everything possible to earn the position, even if it might cost you a friendship? Should you gracefully bow out in order to assuage your friend’s nerves?

However, you soon realize that you are approaching the challenging situation reactively, rather than proactively. The job, the competition and the friendly rivalry don’t matter in the slightest. The transient joy of personal success pales in comparison to the glowing warmth of building your friend up, instilling confidence, and priming her for success. All that matters is the power of friendship, your decision to support your friend unconditionally. At the end of the day, employment is temporary and victory is fleeting, but friendship is enduring, strong enough to last a lifetime.

Despite the fierce battle for your highly-coveted dream job, your friendship will not only survive; it will thrive. You both will lean on each other in the wake of doubt, push each other to succeed to your fullest potentials, and cheer each other on as you face your biggest challenge together.

You both will love each other through the difficulties and beam with pride if your close friend emerges victorious. The universe led you to each other, and no matter what the fickle Fates have in store for you, nothing can tear you both apart because love, support, and friendship conquer all.