This Is What You Lose When You Walk Away From A Woman Who’s Ready To Love You


Whatever the reason, you’ve chosen to run. Maybe you’ve let your fear control your heart. Maybe you’re haunted by ghosts of your past relationships. Maybe you’re overanalyzing, worrying about where things will head before they begin. Maybe you’re just not ready.

But instead of being honest, instead of being vulnerable and choosing, despite all doubt, to step forward, you ran in the other direction. You tucked your feelings deep inside and turned your face away. You poured yourself into other things, other people who weren’t nearly as ready to give you their all.

You walked away from a woman who cared for you. You traded something genuine for something that will never light a fire in your soul. You sought affection instead of passion, and found temporary instead of permanent.

She was ready to love you. She was open arms and a forgiving mind. She was kisses that tasted like home and hands that were ready to help build you into the man you were always capable of becoming—the man you’ve always been. She was tenderness in all the places that were bruised, kindness in every embrace, and touch, and sentence.

She was fearless when it came to sharing her heart. And yet, you didn’t notice her value. You failed to see that what you two could have was something worth fighting for; you put down your sword and left her standing there alone.

You walked away from a woman who was ready to start something meaningful. Who was willing to stop running, stop searching, stop wishing for something perfect—because all she needed was right here. With you.

But you left.

And now you’ve lost out on late nights, arm-in-arm, staring at the stars and talking about dreams. You’ve lost lips that could softly press into every ache and teach you how it feels to be loved. You’ve lost a heart that was so willing to put the past behind and start anew with someone else. You’ve lost a body, a soul who was ready and willing to be your partner, your right-hand-woman, your best friend.

You lost what so many people spend their entire lives desperately searching for.

And hopefully, when you find a woman like that again, you won’t take her for granted this time. Because in a world of fleeting connections, you can’t afford to lose a love like hers.