This Is What You Need To Know About Dating A Successful Woman


It probably wasn’t the fact that she’s pretty that attracted you. Hell, she might not even be conventionally attractive. It’s almost confusing for you too, because you’re used to running after pretty little things. Suddenly, you’re struck by something more. You’re struck by her aura. It’s one of competence and capability. She might be a mess, but she’s a very precise sort of chaos. She knows what’s going on, and she’s not afraid of getting what she wants. She has an air of ability that stems from being able to simply understand the world around her.

You’re drawn to her because she represents so much that you want in your life- focus, stability, skill, and passion. She’s what you want, and what you want to be. She’s your goal, your ideal, and at the same time, your competition.

But a flipside exists.

She’s mercurial because her moods are directly impacts by her work. She’s lovelorn, and demands your attention at times because she’s usually too busy to build bridges. At other times, she retreats, because she’s incapable of providing you companionship. You’ll resent her on some days because she’s ALWAYS doing something enviable, something terrifically difficult. You can’t fathom how she does it.

But she does.

You can’t fathom why she loves you.

But she does.

You can see how much effort it takes for her to consciously put aside her constant hunger for more to reach a point of stability with you, and you wonder why. You wonder, because you know she could do better, and she could do brighter.

She still sticks around, because she knows you’re an investment, and she knows how to make great ones.

She lets you into her most private spaces, the ones she’s used to automatically guarding because of how many people who like to see her fail. You’ll see her loneliness, and all that she’s been forced to let go. You’ll learn to read her body like the many manuals she tends to disregard because she always feels she knows better.

You’ll learn how she automatically considers the balance between the both of you a competition, and then realizes it isn’t. You’ll figure out how to deal with the inertia of being with her, and the jolts and shocks you’ll have to ride over will soon become familiar to you. You’ll know how to avoid them.
This may sound like a lot of work, and rather thankless in nature too, but you’ll realize that she’s brilliant for a reason. She’ll give her all to you, and then some more. You’ll be her priority on every step of the way. She’ll love you like she loves herself, and that’s a lot of love right there.

More importantly, she’ll respect you, and force you to rise to a level where you respect yourself. She’s someone who takes incredible pride in whatever she does, and your relationship will be her first priority because it’s a choice she made, and decided to stick by.

Respect that. Respect the fact that a woman who could climb heights you can’t even imagine wishes to scale them with you. Respect the fact that she pushes you, because she wants you in step with her, not inferior in any way.

But most of all, respect the fact that she’s investing all the acumen and she’s accumulated over the years in your relationship. You have the best of the lot. Don’t ever waste it.

Try your best to be with a successful woman, and give to her as much as she gives to you. Good investments never go wasted.