This Is What You Need To Remember When Life Seems To Constantly Beat You Down


Perhaps you’re the underdog right now. No, not the loser yet, just someone who’s on the verge of raising the white flag. Someone weakly lying on the corner of the ring squirming under the heavy weight of an opponent called life. Someone whose supporters and cheer squad have lost their hope and given up their bet. Someone who’s losing it all but yourself. But please keep the fight. Despite the disheartening situations, please keep the ablaze courage that comes from within. Let your inner warrior keep on attacking.

Because when life seems to constantly beat you down, just remember that it won’t beat something that’s already lying flat on the ground. It won’t beat something already dead. Now it’s beating you down because your existence gloriously stands tall, making the external forces tremble. It’s beating you down because you are alive—because you are a walking wonder that life demons fear.

We always ask, why do bad things happen to good people? Or, why me? But the thing is, we are challenged… because we can. We can defeat them indeed. So maybe you’ve experienced rejections, loss of a loved one, a breakup, family problems, having low grades, financial crisis or whatnot, and with that, I know you’ve been terribly bruised and almost crippled that you no longer know how to face all these ordeals. I know it’s becoming a little embarrassing now when you try to disclose your struggles with your friends because you can sense they’re getting tired of listening to you. And you have become tired of seeking for answers. But let me just repeat this to you: you are constantly being bludgeoned by life, because goddammit you can.

Regardless of how sequentially quick these problems attack, regardless of how big or small they are, you can get over them.

You are that badass these negative energies get attracted to since you are their opposite. You are actually a positive vibe they want to overpower.

Believe in yourself.

Pacify your despondent soul and take time to ponder on everything. Feel your breath, it symbolizes your beautiful purpose. Your heartbeat, it produces a wonderful rhythm that beckons you to dance in this cruel life. Your eyes, they serve as windows through which you can see hope beyond all the conundrums in front of you. Your lips, they can utter powerful words of affirmation and summon breakthrough.

It’s only you who can help yourself best because the mere decision of moving forward starts with you. The willingness to thrive while fighting lingers in you. And the things and people who can inspire you to defeat these life demons rest in your very own heart. It all starts with you.

I hope you never blame yourself for this. I hope you’re not worsening the situation by wallowing in regrets and hopelessness. I hope you haven’t lost the faith. If you’ve made a mistake, if you’ve made a bad decision, then just move forward. Forgive yourself. We can’t avoid unfortunate events, anyway. We can never dodge them by being the smartest or kindest person. In fact, we become wiser through trials. We become kinder and more empathetic after having gone through difficult situations.

You are not alone in this, trust me. It may seem you are, but there are people whose love for you can empower your courage. Some people are praying for you as they watch you fight. And they believe in what you can do. They believe you will win. And I do, too!

Life just “seems” to be winning against you.

But the battle is not yet done. Rise up and finish them.

Because darling, you can.