This Is What You Should Do When You’re In Love


So many people say you are too young to be wearing those clothes, you are too young to be worrying about the future, you are too young to know the hardships of life and you are too young to be in love. However you are too young to have already given up on love. And you are never too young to be in love. You should love with no boundaries.

You should love fiercely. You should stay up at night staring up at the stars and talking about the universe and the endless possibilities it could bring. You should dance in the kitchen with no music on. You should let someone pin you up against a door and kiss you with all the passion they have to offer. You should watch them fall asleep at night and use there heart beat as the rhythm to your dreams.

You should make plans for the future and roll your eyes when people say you won’t make it. You should tell him all your secrets and go on spontaneous road trips that end with you sleeping in the car as the rain pours down and makes music on the roof.

You should grow together and have aspirations in life. You should be with someone who doesn’t care to show you off. You should be with someone who is by your side even when you say you are fine alone. You should trust him and let him live the life he wants to live. You should see a swirling world of beauty in his eyes.

You should get butterflies that makes your heart faint. You should feel comfortable in baggy sweatpants while eating your favorite comfort foods. You should be able to let loose and spend hours in the car just talking.

You should be yourself. You should give and take. You should defend one another no matter what. You should laugh together. You should tickle each other and make your own baby language. You should cook together and try new activities. You should teach each other new things and learn from your mistakes. You should never give up on them.

You should push each other and surprise them. You should forgive each other. You should compromise. You should be grateful to have each other. You should be happy with what you have while you have it. You should have balance. You should have hope in each other.

You should not think about the storm that comes after the love. You should not think about being in disbelief that the one person you thought could never let you down, did. You should not think about how much your heart hurts when you hear his name. You should not send those mean text messages. You should not let him treat you like you’re nothing. You should not be afraid to be alone. You should not let him take advantage of you. You should not leave that dreadful voicemail of you crying at two in the morning.

You should not learn to hate him. You should not let it get so ugly that you have no choice but to hate him. You should not tell dates about him. You should not find a way to bring him up in every conversation. You should not hold in the tears. You should not let him disrespect you. You should not feel guilty for who you are. You should not let him have all the power. You should not feel bad when you say no. You should not be afraid of the pain. You should not do something stupid just to get his attention.

You should not do something just to hurt him. You should not be afraid of your story. You should not be afraid to go on dates. You should not get jealous of the picture of him out with other people. You should not feel sorry for yourself for too long. You should not regret everything. You should not give up on love.

I don’t know what it’s like to be in love like you hear at weddings or in romance movies. This is just the way I picture it to be when I lay in bed wide awake at two in the morning. Every man I thought I was in love with has all of a sudden seemed so irrational when I look at it this way.

I am here to tell you that you deserve a once in a life time kind of love. You deserve someone who is head of heels for you and is passionate. You deserve whatever your fairytale idea is. And you should not settle. You should not settle because of the timing. You should not settle just because everyone else is. You should not be with someone just because you don’t want to be alone.

You shouldn’t be with someone until you find the one. You deserve the one and nothing less. You deserve the one that makes this universe make sense. You deserve happiness and freedom from your own mind. And you shouldn’t stop until you find it. But once you find it, rest your heart and be content with it.

It’s okay to be content with love, as long as it’s the love you deserve. You are never too young to be in love and you are always too young to have given up on love. And if you are like me, you will just find all that great love in all the other people in your life and that is perfectly fine with me.

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