This Is What Your Go-To Alcoholic Beverage Says About Your Sex Life



You’re a kinky adventurer who likes to keep things interesting. You’re the opposite of predictable, and whoever you’re having sex with, is consistently surprised. When you pull a whip out of your treasure chest of sexual goodies, you have every intention of using it, and when you’re not having sex with someone else, you’re experimenting with every new toy on the market to have sex with yourself. You love sex, and you’re not afraid to try it in every way possible.

Cosmo (Cranberry Vodka)

You’re classy and sweet especially in the sheets. You don’t feel the need to get super freaky with your partners because you have enough sexual intrigue to keep them interested without doing backbends or cartwheels. You like to make love instead of fuck, and you can appreciate a nice cuddle session afterwards.

Jack And Coke

You like it rough. Gentle just doesn’t do it for you. You want to be thrown up against the wall and have your clothes ripped from your body. When you wake up the next morning, there’s shattered glass on the floor from whatever bits of furniture you broke the night before. It looks like someone broke into your apartment, but it was just the person you were having crazy, messy sex with.


You love drunk sex. Alcohol makes you feel more comfortable and loosens you up a bit. You wouldn’t pinch his butt if you were sober, but when you have a couple martinis, you’re not just pinching it, you’re sticking your finger in a place it’s never been before.

Pinot Grigio (Or Any Glass Of Wine)

When people look at you they wouldn’t expect you to have an active sex life, but you are a very sexual person, especially with partners you care about. You look like you’d leave the bar to go home, put a comfy pair of pjs on, and go straight to bed, but you’re the type of person who leaves the bar to go home and fuck. You’re hornier than people give you credit for.

Whatever Beer Is On Tap

Sex is sex, as long as you get off, you don’t care how you do it. You’re willing to have sex in public, you’d try a flavored lube you’ve never tried before, and you’d pretend to be a naughty nurse, as long as an orgasm follows, you’re willing to play along.

Gin And Tonic

You let your partner take the lead. You like to be told to turn around, bend over, and drop your panties. You like to be dominated and you get off from it. You don’t have the energy to be worrying about which position you’ll do next, so a partner who tells you what to do is exactly what you like.

Any Drink That Comes In A Bowl Or Bucket

You love role play. You may not have many forms of creative expression, but when it comes to sex, you’re a creative mastermind. You venture far beyond the traditional naughty school girl fantasy. You’ve most likely pretended to be an alien abducting a human into your mothership, and to you, there’s nothing weird about it.

Manhattan (Stirred Or Shaken)

You like to keep your sex life private. You’re not one to kiss and tell, and who you fuck, how often, or what positions is no one’s business but your own. It’s not that you’re embarrassed to talk about sex, it’s that you have respect for your partner, and while you can openly talk about other people’s sex lives, yours is off-limits.

Anything Sparkling

You buy extremely high priced lingerie and you like to fuck while wearing it. Your most cherished body parts deserve the best. You won’t wear underwear that isn’t quality, and you won’t have sex with someone again if it isn’t good the first time. You make sure your needs and wants are met, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with treating yourself right.