This Is What You’re Like When You’re In Love, According To Your Zodiac Sign


Aries: you’re always in their mind, thoughts of you whirling around within love hearts and chest-bursting emotion. there’s static when you touch; your wandering hands slowly melting their heart. you’ll never quite understand them, but if they love you, you feel it in your bones, and in the deepest depths of your soul.

Taurus: you’re opening up to them, making them feel needed. they’re restless when they’re with you, only ever wanting to be as close to you as possible. they want to feel and see all of you, nothing is better than loving completely. quickly you’ll know all of each other, a bittersweet romance.

Gemini: are you worried they’ll leave? just watch them. notice them glancing at you constantly, making sure you’re still there. they’re just as worried as you are. the more they learn about you the harder they fall, never wanting to leave your side. clouds of green often dust their vision, which you’ll never see, but another look into your eyes makes them feel invincible. the ruler of mercury is surprisingly bad at expressing love, but they’ll do all they can to make you understand.

Cancer: you try to unlearn it, you try to avoid your obsession over them. their soft skin, the way they touch you. they have a power over you, a sickly sweet power. and you know they won’t take advantage of that, they’ll make sure you’re warm and safe, that you’re never without love. they’ll wrap you up in clouds and give you the most perfect mugs of tea. they’ll know all of you, and you’ll be happier than you’ve ever been.

Leo: your typical friends to lovers relationship, you grow close quickly and spend the last weeks of your friendship thinking of how their lips will feel on yours, and they spend them wondering how you taste. your wonderfully awkward first kisses and slowly but surely learning how each other thinks and works are so, so sweet. they support you, and love every inch of you. they’re more dedicated than anyone you’ve ever met, and god are you proud of them.

Virgo: a sweetly frustrating person to be with. despite differences, you know you always just want to hold them. silly arguments scatter your visits, always starting and ending with quick kisses and lots of compliments. someone who can retain their mysterious qualities regardless of how well you know them. a romance full of never-forgotten anniversaries and birthdays, a romance of knowing the other wholly and completely.

Libra: a person you fit with like a puzzle piece, every trait complimenting each other, and your bodies lay together perfectly. a love-song kind of love, full of soft melodies and perfect notes. loving them could be short and sweet, or could last for years and years. don’t mess with them because they won’t hesitate to drop you, but as long as you treat them right, you will have a fairytale romance. you’ll immediately work with each other, people thinking you’ve been together for years even if it’s only been a month.

Scorpio: the kind of love that makes you sit back and think “this is what i’ve been waiting for.” a patient and kind love, full of soft touches and intuitively knowing. some things become forgotten, but that’s okay. you can find a true home in this love, stuck thinking about them, stuck feeling warm whenever they’re around. jealousy might ensue, which can easily blow up in your face. either a lot of problems or none at all. being in love with a scorpio can be an absolutely wonderful experience, and probably one that you don’t want to end.

Sagittarius: a love full of memories and adventures. someone you might feel like is a friend rather than a lover, but you don’t particularly mind. a relationship full of late night travels, either just to a nearby field to see the stars or a road trip that takes hours just to get ice cream. you’ll have plenty to talk about when you’re in love with a sagittarius, and you might not always be on their mind but everything reminds them of you. it can be hard to love a sagittarius fully, they don’t like to show all of themselves quickly by any means, but if you show that you’re okay with putting in effort, they’ll keep you by their side.

Capricorn: can you even tell when a capricorn is in love? they can obsess, but some close themselves off. it can be a terrifying feeling for this sign, but their clumsiness and messy words when near you is a great signal that they have feelings for you. they act like they don’t, but all of their thoughts revolve around you. you’ll probably have to confess to your feelings first, but once you do, everything will fall into place. it’s rare that a capricorn gives up on a relationship.

Aquarius: sometimes you can question whether or not an aquarius actually has the ability to fall in love, but they definitely do. most of the time they don’t even realize they’re in love until they have to snap their teeth shut to keep the words from spilling out, often causing them to go into some kind of crisis. you’ll probably know before they do. they’ll be ready to commit, ready to spend all of their time with you. once an aquarius is ready to dedicate everything to you and willing to put effort into the relationship and willing to know all of you, they’re in deep and might never get back out.

Pisces: almost a childish love, easily full of awkwardness and not quite knowing what you’re doing. your minds, hearts, and souls intertwine so easily but physicalities can cause problems. your words mean the world to them, and while quality time is valuable, telling them how much you mean to them and how much you love them will get you further than anything else. they thrive on reassurance and random acts of kindness. loving a pisces is never boring, mostly comfortable, and can be a relationship with your best friend.