This Is What’s Wrong With Rosie O’Donnell’s Reference To Autism And Barron Trump


I have a lot to say about the election, but I have kept silent and reserved because my beliefs are mine and I don’t have any intention of changing yours. So let’s clear the air before I rant, I am not a Trump supporter nor am I a Hillary supporter. But what I know is this; I am supporter of not attacking a ten year old even if they are the son of an ignorant parent. If you aren’t aware of what has happened in the past fews days you should know the always “charming” Rosie O’Donnell decided to make an assumption about Barron Trump.

Her exact words being, “Barron Trump Autistic? if so – what an amazing opportunity to bring attention to the AUTISM epidemic.” She decided because of the way this boy claps and some of his other mannerisms that he could be autistic. WHAT?!?!?! I can’t even begin to explain to you how many things are wrong with what she said and how she went about it.

Rosie O’Donnell before assuming out loud that Barron had autism decided to post an educational video that promotes anti bullying and gives us information on what symptoms you should look out for when trying to find the right diagnosis for a child. She received immediate backlash, which I am thankful that in this country at least we realize that while we don’t like Trump we also know it is pretty uncool to attack a ten year old child who has no control of who his parents are and what they do. She then went on to post a poem that I find a little lame in the sense of playing the sympathy card for her actions. Which goes as follows, “Here is how it went down/ my 3.5 yr old daughter Dakota/ was diagnosed in september / with HFA – high functioning autism.” Then proceeds to write, “When I saw the anti bullying video/ that mentioned barron/ it spoke to the symptoms many ASH kids have/ it was educational and information/ these symptoms so many do not understand/ -I thought- how mazing IF/ IF/ it is true.”

HOW AMAZING IF IT IS TRUE?! Do we see what she is saying here, she is saying that she has no idea if this kid has autism, but how amazing it would be if he did, because now we can TRULY UNDERSTAND the disorder and everyone will finally understand what autism is because it’s a president’s kid. What is this nonsense? And then she has the audacity to say it has nothing to do with her feelings of distaste for Donald Trump but then goes on to writes “THE WORLD IS WATCHING/ for those who felt me a horror/ what can I say/ humans we/ try r very best and fail often/ peace out/ as we try to save democracy/ from this madman/ who thinks are country is his.”

So what is it Rosie? Are we focusing on politics or autism? Because unfortunately they aren’t one in the same, and are you just trying to put more hatred out there on our new president as if there isn’t enough already? Don’t we have enough hate, enough drama, and enough accusations going on as a whole? Why would this ever make sense to put all that hatred on a child who may or may not have autism? And if he does? Shame on you, because if you know anything about autism you know that is hard for children to be an advocate of it in its entirety because they already feel so ostracized. Maybe YOU need to get your education on and realize there are ALL different types of autism and ALL different types of parents.

Also PLEASE stop calling autism an epidemic, because it is not an epidemic, so sit down Rosie. If you’d take the time to simply type into Google what an epidemic actually is you’d learn that it is “a widespread occurrence of an infectious disease in community at a particular time.” Could be wrong, but probably not. And if you want more knowledge on what an epidemic is here is a list; smallpox, cholera, polio, AIDS, malaria, and the best one out there THE BLACK DEATH. The reason you think there is one is because it is talked about more than it was in the past, which is something we should ALL be proud of. It is accepted in classrooms, and each and every day people are finding a way to improve and help all those that have suffered for too long.

So if you want to talk politics and what a bad man Donald Trump is so be it, I don’t really enjoy him either, but do that with him because he is an adult and NOT with a ten year old boy. Don’t try and diagnose someone you don’t know just by the way he claps and say he could be autistic because of it. That’s just like looking at an overweight person and assuming they like cake. Come off of it. Don’t pretend that you thought that this was going to be some awesome platform for parents and their children with autism.

This was a platform for you to ridicule a man by using his child’s mannerisms, which is about as awful as it gets. Coming from a future special needs teacher I can tell you I have seen ignorance at it’s finest towards people with special needs, but never from someone who has a kid that has autism. If you want another platform created for autism do it yourself, prove to us all it wasn’t political or for attention. You think Donald Trump is a bully, you just bullied a ten year old you don’t even know so really how much better does that make you?