This Is When Closure Truly Happens


You can constantly reassure someone that your presence is meaningful by saying it, but words can only mean so much.

Actions show your true intentions, your true feelings.

As much as we want to believe that that person’s words mean more than their actions, everything in the dark eventually comes to light. We have so much hope and so much faith in other people that we become numb to the pain that their actions make us feel. Then you get to the point where you’re just hollow inside. You feel like nothing is a going to get better, you feel like you can’t breathe, that your entire world has fallen apart, that there’s nothing left to live for; and somehow, some way…

You become this secondary version of yourself.

But, time heals all wounds no matter how deep. In time, you realize that this hollow, sorry version of who you were is nothing, it gets you nothing and it gets you nowhere. Time makes you realize that the only person who can lift you back up is yourself; it makes you realize that the only thing standing between you and the life you have to look forward to is yourself. You realize that you are more deserving of something more, of something that gives back. Then it really hits you when you start to realize your potential again. There’s so much left in life that you haven’t experienced, that you haven’t seen, that you haven’t tried to challenge yourself to do.

You’ll begin to set goals for yourself and that’s where reinventing yourself starts. You’ll start to plan your new life, with the new people, new friends (and hopefully many old friends).

This is when closure truly happens.

We all wish and hope for someone who wronged us to give us “closure” so we can “move on,” but really the only thing stopping us from moving on is the hope that we still have, of going back, going back to something we knew. I mean, who wants to start all over? We choose to keep ourselves from moving forward because we are scared; but we can’t be. We can’t let the past predict our future, we can only learn from it and proceed with caution.