This Is When Uncertainty Will End And You’ll Finally Find Yourself


“Why have I lost myself?” A five-word question that isn’t as simple as it seems. Have you been lost? Have you asked yourself, why?

Well, here is why:

We have lost ourselves, not because we took the wrong road but because we forgot why we started the journey in the first place. As little children, our face would light up, beaming with a smile when they’d ask us, “What do you want to be?” And sure enough, we always had the answers. We had a dream, a painting, and a clear vision of the person we wanted to be. But as time had passed, we forgot our old self.

We forgot why we dreamt our dreams in the first place. We forgot to be those little kids who had nothing in their hearts but hope and dreams and aspirations. We lost our purpose, our drive and our passion. We lost our ability to love and to look at life with admiration. And with that, we have lost ourselves.

We became seemingly empty souls wandering on different paths, constantly searching for any sign of direction or certainty ahead for we’ve lost ourselves in the midst of our pursuit to happiness. Happiness: the reason we began to dream in the first place. We’ve lost ourselves because we were so pre-occupied with all the little, insignificant things on the road; taking detours and stop-overs until we side tracked and lost the road to our destination: happiness.

Now wandering aimlessly, we wait on the sidelines of the scorching hot pavements of life and walk down its cold suburban alleys, hoping to be found. But let me tell you this: are you waiting to be found? Don’t. Don’t wait. You’ve waited and wandered long enough. No one will find you. People stay lost because they’re waiting for a hero or heroine that will save them from the crossroads and busy streets of life. But no one will come. You have to be your own hero. You have to do it on your own.

How? Think about what you want and start from there. Dream a new dream and take action. Seek your passion and let it burn ceaselessly, lighting a fire in your cold dying soul. Never stray from the path of your dreams, the path of your pursuit to life’s happiness. Stop and rest when needed but always, always keep moving.

Then, and only then, you will discover the certainty and beauty of your life’s journey. Then, and only then, you will find yourself – a new, stronger being: a being who’s soul is no longer hollow and cold, but ablaze with passion, determination and direction.