This Is When You’ll Know


Someday you’re going to meet them. You’re going to be first attracted to them by their looks, the sparkle in their eye that puts even the brightest stars to shame. The smile that they smile unknowingly of how mesmerized you are by it. There will be sparkling wine in their voice and champagne in the way they say your name, and you’ll want to get drunk off every word they say.

On your first date, they will reference books and movies that they are in love with, and you will go home and ultimately read and watch them to understand their adornment. The first time you kiss, their lips will dance on yours perfectly and you will question why you have ever kissed another before. You’re going to go home with butterflies fluttering around inside you, unable to sleep or eat because there is no room in your mind for anything else.

Soon you’ll begin to know their hobbies, their passions, and you’re going to become completely absorbed in the way they talk about the things they love. The way they inadvertently glow when telling you about their favorite childhood memory, the stories of their grandparents when they were only a child, and that’s when you will start to understand the hurt they felt when you find out they passed away. The day you meet their parents, you’ll wonder how it’s possible for two people to create a child with everything that’s good in the world.

The first time they tell you that they love you, you’ve already know you do but you say it back. The hundredth time they tell you they love you, you will reply with an, “I know,” because it’s so evident and you are so in love. After months and even years have passed you will know that this is the person you are going to sleep next to for the rest of your life, this is whom you will wake up and make scrambled eggs and bacon for because that is their favorite. Then on Sunday mornings you are going to make banana pancakes together, because that is just ‘your thing’ you do together.

You soon find out what side of the bed is theirs, and the nights they aren’t with you will be the hardest. You’re going to roll over to curl up into their chest and only find a cold, empty bed. You are going to wake up in the middle of the night, hoping they pull you in closer, but will feel lost when they are not there. You will never take for granted the moments together after those sleepless and lonely nights, because you will start to sleep better when they are with you. Your bed at home won’t even feel like home after so long, because you know theirs is where you’re meant to be. That is when you’ll know.

The smallest errands become something you look forward to, because they will be by your side. When grocery shopping for tomorrows dinner, you will find yourself spending hours walking up and down the isles hand-in-hand, joking and laughing and finding the greatest enjoyment in just being in one another’s company. Going to the bank, the gas station, red-box, everything becomes a contended memory. You wont even be the slightest bit upset when they make you watch Star Wars, because it is something they’ve been wanting to see even though you hate it.

You find peace and comfort when lying next to them, unable to take your gaze off their face, and you wonder, “How did I get so lucky?”. You will reminisce with them back to the night you met, the years that have passed, the highs and lows but you know the smiles out-wight the tears and you would go through it all. You will never get tired of lazy nights in bed with them, naturally hand-in-hand. You can be yourself around this person, you have your own ridiculous names for things that only you two will ever understand.

When you’re planning trips or thinking of the future, you indubitably picture them right there with you, and when you tell them of these plans you know they will want nothing more than to be there with you because they see a future with you as well. You are so in love with this person, everything about them, the good and the bad— that is when you know.