This Is Why Bad Things Happen To Good People


Being “good” is not going to save you from life screwing you over, because we are all the same, after all—we are all humans in this world who are subjected to the same threats, unfairness, evilness, and bitterness of this life. When something so unfair and awful happens to a righteous person, everyone gets shocked and thinks to themselves, “But they’re a ‘good’ person, they don’t deserve this.” On the other hand, when something like this happens to a person who is supposed to be “evil,” it’s karma. The truth is, whether you’re good or bad, you’re living in the same world despite everything, and the same things apply to both of you. I know it seems unfair that the same shit that happens to a person who’s supposed to be good happens to the “evil” one too, but that’s life.

Being a righteous person is not going to give you immunity against what life throws at any of us most of the time. You be good because you believe in goodness. Staying kind and having these beautiful qualities is about you genuinely wanting to be this way and feeling it within you. It’s about who you truly are. It’s about you going to bed every day with a clear conscience. It’s wanting peaceful and beautiful energy vibrating within you. And it’s not about being good for the sake of not having awful things happen to you.

We often perceive awful things that happen to people as “punishments,” when actually, not every horrible thing that happens to people is a punishment. Maybe you’re meant to live this awful thing to learn something, grow a thicker skin, or have an awakening regarding a particular thing. These things could be happening because they are your destiny and part of your story, and you’re just meant to live them for any kind of reason, or maybe these awful stuff are a test of your goodness in this life.

Life is not 1+1=2. Being righteous is not going to make you immune to the horrible things that could happen to you in this life. It’s not going to prevent you from getting cancer, losing a loved one, losing something dear to you, or getting fired or bankrupt. It’s not going to save you from getting dumped or being cheated on or getting scammed or conned.

I know how we all keep repeating the phrase, “Why do bad things happen to good people?” but the truth is it happens to all of us, good or bad. We just pay extra attention when it happens to the noble ones because we always believe that they don’t deserve what’s happening to them, or we might say, “Why is this happening to the good ones and not the bad ones over there?” But life doesn’t work this way; it’s not going to save the bad things for the bad people and just leave the good stuff for the good ones. This way of thinking is just us being naive. Life is never that simple and it never will be.