This Is Why Girls With Huge Hearts Are So Sensitive


It’s a constant battle, being a sensitive soul. You want everything for everyone, you cry at commercials — hell you cry at a touching card — your love for animals is unbearable to some, and your nurturing heart drives people mad.

You are a sensitive soul and you are harder on yourself than anyone else and that is the one thing that no one sees.

You are a sensitive soul and you feel everything in extremes. You are a sensitive soul and your intuition is out of control. You are a sensitive soul and you have a heart bigger than anyone else’s.

You are a sensitive soul and you are able to be an emotional sponge, sucking up the feelings of others around you. You are a sensitive soul and it is time to embrace it.

Don’t make being sensitive into something negative. We need more people like you in this world. You are a beautiful being and just because you feel everything doesn’t mean you are not strong — hell you are stronger than most people.

Honor your feelings, bask in them. Love your sensitive soul and see the world for what it is — a beautiful array of colorful emotions.

When you say you are going to be there, you will be there and you aren’t going anywhere until your friends feel better. Your presence is one of the greatest gifts in this world and it is priceless — you are priceless.

You are the embodiment of the phrase, “your soul runs deep.” You feel emotions that most people never thought they could feel. You would never cower away from pain or hurt — you embrace it, because you can’t run away from it, even if you tried.

You find life lessons within songs, within television and movies, within books and poetry. You feel words at an intensity that only you can truly understand, it is not something you can explain. Treasure it like it is your hidden treasure.

The emotions of the people around you, the emotions of the people on your TV screen — they all transfer to you. You make them your own, you can’t help it, it happens. It all flows though you whether it is good or bad, painful or pleasure-filled.

Yes, sweets, this can feel like the worst thing ever, but please, don’t feel bad about it. You would walk through hell and back for the people you love and that is something not many others would do. You will fight and fight some more — even when there is no fight left. You will protect and you will defend. 

You treat others how you want them to treat you, because you know what it is like to be beaten down. It is compassion that this world needs and you, darling, will be the one to give it to the world.

Because you feel so intensely, so passionately, you are the strongest person I know. Your soft exterior is only there as a guise, your interior is fortified with walls so thick and armor of the shiniest metal. This is nothing short of a miracle, you and your sensitive soul are a masterpiece.

The people who are in your circle, they truly know what it means to be loved. You treasure them and you allow them to know how special they really are. The relationships you build are sacred, they are a blessing.

Little one, don’t you forget though, that you are important too. Listen to your body, you will thrive. You will never disappoint. You put one foot forward and keep going, even when there are a million holding you back.

You are kind. You are patient. You are genuine. You are respectful. You are love.

Cherish your sensitive soul. It is your moral compass, it breeds a love so true that it could blind anyone who steps too closely without knowing. Your sensitive soul is not a burden. Don’t listen to the people when they say so, they just don’t understand.

The feelings that you have and the ones you take on from the environment around you, it doesn’t make you weak — it makes you alive. Take your blessing and embrace it.

Never doubt your sensitive soul. It is your own superpower. Maybe one day it will change the world.

So, little duck, embrace your sensitive soul.