This Is Why I Can’t Be A Modern Girlfriend


I am a bundle of paradoxes in the true sense of the word and if I were a figure of speech, an oxymoron is what I would do justice to. While I could be exceptionally logical in my approach towards most things in my life, when it comes to making a decision involving you, it’s my heart that would call the shots.

I can be pretty easy-going in most aspects of my life, but if our relationship is in question, I crave to spend time with you to the point of obsession. I might tell you that I am exhausted after the whole day’s work but spending hours at night with you on the other end of the phone only rejuvenates me.

While I detest public displays of affection, I am a sucker for cloying romance and cuddling up with. It’s all it would take to get me back on my feet after a rough day.

Darling, I am a dreamer, the kind who lives most of her life in a fantasy world. A world where I would always stand by you when you are down the dumps and on days when you see the darkest shades of life, I promise to show you the world through those rose tainted glasses.

I am not a superhuman and hence there will be times I lose hope but I will always strive to be the wind beneath the wings of your dreams, every time you give up on yourself.

I would hold on to you the tightest and tuck your face in my neck on all those days when you feel you cannot look at yourself in the mirror.

Like a naive little girl I might ignore every red flag that might wave up during the time I spend with you, but that is the risk I am ready to take for the possibility of us.

My world does not rotate around you, my world is YOU. Do not mistake my love for obsession or my inefficiency to love myself, but it is my inability to understand the rules of this new age dating game.

I doubt I will ever bump into someone who will love me as dearly, because there will be times when I will be the worst version of myself… will he be able to love me even then?

I guess it would be okay to go off the limb and probably you would agree with me if I say that my idea of love is way too far-fetched for today’s world and that is why I can’t be a ‘today’s’ girlfriend.