This Is Why I Hate Instagram’s Algorithm


Social media and technology has reshaped human behavior, from how we think, act, and talk on a daily basis. Our whole identity and lives are contained in a single handheld device that we carry around with us everywhere. We have now given so much value and meaning to a virtual reality that we’ve lost sight of what is true in the world.

I personally hate the Facebook and Instagram algorithm. People can publish and circulate their views on social media, and technology is now customizing the content people see on their social media due to their preferences.

The algorithm recognizes affinity being performed when users acknowledge each other with likes or comments, share similar interests, express similar ideas or share connections in common.

Here’s why it sucks (Besides the fact that we are all losing ‘likes’ due to no longer being in chronological order):

Personalizing our preferences on our social media accounts centralizes our perceptions and decisions, rather than embrace democracy and diversity.

To exist in a diverse democracy, we must be exposed to opposing views.

With the algorithm culture, our views become biased and conformed by a our personal preferences, rather than what’s fully out there.

It’s no surprise people are dumbfounded or shocked by different views and opinions these days. We filter everything we don’t want to see on of our news feed so we can remain happy in our own personal bubble.

For example, I love Drake, luxury vacation destinations, orgasmic looking food, and diamond rings. That’s ALL I see in my explore page on Instagram. Instagram has customized my feed based on what photos I double tap on and what profiles I visit.

Never will I see something that I dislike on my social media. 

Not only does my explore page lack diversity, but my news feed will show posts from four days ago first, rather than what has been recently posted. It’s stupid.

We see what we want to see, and now we have even more reason to believe what we read and see online.

Technology is not telling us directly what to think, but it is feeding us ideas and customizing the information to our specific wants, needs, and interests. Instead of embracing all the different opinions and views from other members of the world, we are shutting them out and choosing to stay comfortable.

Social media and technology has given people too much control, that we’ve lost perception of what reality is because we are too consumed with our fantasy of what we want the world to be.