This Is Why I Won’t Give Up (And Why You Shouldn’t Either)


One day I woke up feeling completely empty. Unfulfilled with what I was doing and lost not knowing where I was trying to go with my life. I will admit that I wanted the easy way out; I wanted to quit.

No matter how hard I tried, it just seemed like the world was against me. Nothing was quite right. I dislike uncertainty and I would question myself over and over: Am I being too hard on myself? Am I expecting too much? Should I keep going?

Sometimes we’ll get to a point in our life where we feel destroyed inside, but it doesn’t mean that it defines us. I know who I am, I am aware of my mistakes, of my capacities and of my intentions. THAT is what defines me.

That right there, is what keeps me going.

I focused too much on my failures, without realizing how necessary they are. Failures aren’t your reality; they are your past. They are the beautiful scars you carry around that demonstrate just how much you’ve outgrown yourself.

It is easy to feel like you are far away from where you thought you would be or to lose yourself in the process because you create a comfortable lifestyle. This doesn’t mean you should stay there; this isn’t a locked room in which you will stay trapped for the rest of your life. But it is, if you allow it to be.

My point is… life gives you what you deserve. The more effort you put into something, the more you allow results to blossom. If you’re not giving 110% out of yourself, don’t bitch about life being unfair with you. You get what you give.

I don’t have dreams, I have goals.

I will not call myself a dreamer, because I am determined that I will achieve whatever I set my mind upon… and so should you.

DO NOT GIVE UP. You hear me? Even if you feel like you aren’t doing much everyday to become better, at least DO something! Wanting it all and wanting it now, is what will make you last. But progress takes time and changes do not happen overnight.

The moment you realize what you want to do, your vision becomes clear and you become inevitable. So remember, if you want to live a life that you can call your own get ready to live one hell of a rollercoaster. Be mentally, physically, and emotionally prepared for what is to come. Be aware that things won’t go your way, but that it is all part of the journey. And remind yourself as much as you can to trust your damn self.