This Is Why Innocence Is Underrated


There is beauty in innocence. Most people don’t see and appreciate this.

It’s when there is a mystery to someone. Not being able to see the obvious because there is always something more interesting to discover.

It’s when you know how to appreciate the plain black and white pictures and seeing the real meaning behind it.

It’s when you are in your most pure self.

It’s when someone is free from all of the scars and marks of the cruel world. Someone who is curious to see what lies in each risk.

It’s not about looking like a good girl or to look like someone who is weak that you could control. It’s about the look of having a clean slate and seeming like being in a fresh state.

It’s when there’s freedom from guilt or sin.

In this world wherein wildness is overrated, innocence is the one that will always capture your undying interest.

It is when you know what you want and how to get it.

It is when you know your limitations.

You can’t be innocent forever and it is something that you should treasure.

You see things for what they are.

If there is one thing that I would long to get back, it would be my innocence.