This Is Why It Breaks My Heart to See Your Heart Break


It hurts like hell.

I remember you telling me this once—over text. But I can already sense it, you’ll probably break down in tears if we were together in that moment. And I, as the patient friend or maybe woman who likes to listen than lead conversations, would be waiting until your heavy heart is unburdened with grief.

Yes. Take it all out on me. The pain of it all—how your last kiss broke your heart, how his soothing words only made things worse, and how the last goodbye was etched at the back of your mind like the angsty little scene in that chick flick we hate.

What are friends for, anyway?

I wanted to be of use to you than the asshole who left you looking like a mess.

Remember the day you told me you’ve fallen head over heels with this guy? That was months before the breakup. I was scared. Because I knew he would be your first love. And we all knew how when “firsts” end they hurt so bad. I hate being a skeptic, but we’ve been friends for so long that we have this connection that links our subconscious like sisters do. So, your severe anxiety of how this thing would go is passed into me like we had the same DNA.

As cliché as it may sound, you are my sister from a different mother. Girl, I had to be brave for you despite the what-ifs that’s why maybe you’re wondering why I was so nice contrary to my usual bitchy self because I’ve only shown you happiness and love, all the way. But I’d rather say there’s more to see beyond the surface.

Now here are my thoughts about the breakup, which I should just give zero fucks about. But I can’t help it because I’m not one to just “sit still look pretty” when my friend’s dying to get over a heartbreak.

First, my heart swells with pride because I am in awe of you.

You’ve been through a lot, as a person and as a woman who took the risk to fall in love. Seeing you in pain and still loving the person despite parting ways makes me adore you a million times more. He may not love you now like how he did before but always know that I am here rooting for you, believing that you will find a better man who will treat you like a queen and not make you some overrated damsel in distress.

And let me remind you, breaking up with someone who doesn’t want to stay in your life doesn’t make you less of a woman.

If anything, it transforms you into a strong, independent woman that everybody loves. This is why it breaks my heart to see you hurting because I know that deep down, you are better off without him. Right now, it seems like everything is still about him. You’re stuck. Although I know you’ll get past this stage and the tougher version of you will come through. I absolutely can’t wait for the day we’ll strut our way down the moving-on lane.

Another thing is that it breaks my heart to know you are crouching and hugging your knees in the dark, while I am unaware of the agony you’re going through. Why? Because I can easily pick you up when you’ve fallen too deep into the shadows and when you needed to see the sunshine again. Because I can show you all the bright places, and that there’s more to life than being heartbroken.

Promise me that you’re not going to fall into his arms again. It will be difficult for sure, but I’m here with you every step of the way, helping you get out of the black holes of doomed relationships. Not all breakups have to end with you broken, anyway.

Nevertheless, I’d still be waiting for your next heartbreak, not because I’m craving for the aftermath drama but because I’m just always here looking after you. ‘Till then, my friend, bask in the glory of being a single lady.