This Is Why No One Ever Teaches You How To Let Go Before It’s Too Late


No one ever teaches you how to let go before it’s too late.

There is no number of slammed doors or angry words that cue the end.

But when it ends, you know. Believe me, you will know.

There may have been times in the past where you cried yourself to sleep with the thought that this time it’s over, but those times weren’t the end.

When it ends, when it truly ends, it grabs you by your shoulders and slams your head into the concrete.

When it really ends, it ends in police sirens and flashing lights.

When it truly ends, it slices your body into pieces so tiny that you’ll never know how to put yourself back together.

You will find yourself laying in the street at 2am, begging for a car to not see your broken body in the center of the road.

You will go over every word you said to them the last night you were together, desperately trying to understand how something once so beautiful could turn into this reoccuring nightmare.

And you will start have to imagine a future unlike the one you spoke about sharing with them.

You will begin to remove the little things that remind you of them from your life because even the scent of them on an old tshirt can make you feel like their hands are around your neck again.

But no matter how much they hurt you, no matter how much they enjoyed hurting you, you will always imagine them in the bewitching lie they convinced you they were. 

In your memory, the sting of their hand as it swiped across your face will turn into their lips placing tender bits of love on your cheek, the sound of the door slamming in your face will turn into them moaning, “I love you”, and the screaming, spitting and cursing, will turn into the sounds that used to echo from their room when you made love.

Please try to let go of the lies they told you.