This Is Why Rejection Is Actually A Good Thing


At one point or another, we have all felt rejection’s sting, a pain so sharp it’s as if the ocean waves themselves have spit us back up on the shore. And it doesn’t help the fact that in being human, we constantly crave things that only bring us comfort. However, that simply isn’t living in the real world.

Rejection is probably one of the hardest pills we will ever have to swallow in life. Whether it is coming from a family member, friend, romantic loved one or even the doubtful storms of the presence of God, rejection will meet us at various crossroads of life. But the secret is that it will not always be an enemy.

As humans, it’s natural to take rejection personally. To feel as if the people that we spend time with have turned their backs on us or that we can’t live up to someone else’s standards. No one likes to feel as if they aren’t good enough. And the truth of the matter is (and always will be) that you are good enough.

Know that when rejection arises, it isn’t always trying to be your stumbling block but sometimes more of a stepping stone. Rejection often comes right before an increase or promotion. More often than not, rejection is simply a test to prove your gusto. Because to be honest, how would you be able to handle more if you aren’t able to take care of the little that you’ve been given? I, for one, will tell you that these tests suck. But I would rather pass them in the face of adversity than have to keep on repeating them. To know that a storm such as this has arrived to help me grow, to prove not only to my enemies, but also myself, what it is that I am truly capable of.

Rejection isn’t always about you. At the end of every day, we are all human. Mistakes are written in our DNA. But there is a place out there that only you can fill.

Know that when you are faced with rejection, it means that you are living, but that there is still so much more for you to live for.