This Is Why Self-Love Is All About Understanding Yourself


Self-love to me is a discovery. It requires tons of positive and negative involvements for you to be able to finally learn it and to continue loving yourself until you face death. Life is about embracing and loving who you really are in adversity.

It’s a complete mendacity to say that you will love yourself at all times and in all situations. Loving yourself fluctuates and gets inconsistent sometimes. We are humans, and as humans, we have families to consider, jobs to accomplish and personal problems to face. But at the end of each day, I think you need to draw yourself to be sensitive about how you treat yourself, how people respect you and how your circumstances are going.

Undoubtedly, one of the important lessons in life that I’ve learned is to love yourself. And through the process of loving yourself, the amazing discovery is the virtue of understanding. It is only through understanding that you can justify and validate.

If you truly love yourself, you know that staying in an unhappy place or in a relationship that is making you feel less as a person is futile. If you genuinely love yourself, you wouldn’t let these things happen to you.

Don’t let yourself suffer. Get out! Find a way! In the end, you are your longest commitment. Don’t grow empty. Take care of yourself as a whole being. You deserve it!

Loving yourself is not only doing what’s right for you, but doing what gives you happiness, drive and life. I believe that these fuel people on a daily basis.

Let me tell you a short story. When I left my job overseas, I had only been there for a month. I found myself in a dysfunctional, condescending and spiteful place. After I resigned, I felt afraid of going back home because I felt as though I were a complete failure. But then, I asked myself some questions and realized that I wasn’t focusing on my truth. I was thinking about people’s opinions about me and my life.

So I decided to leave and find my real battlefield. As a result, I now have a better understanding that loving yourself is going against the grain and flipping out when really need to. It’s about choosing what is important to you.

Self-love means understanding that there’s an inner voice in you telling you what to do. Save yourself from the misery. You cannot give other people the responsibility for your life. Take it up!

Self-love means understanding who you really are, and being yourself in this crazy world. Self-love means understanding that people’s opinions about your life don’t matter. Do what your purpose is and make your life a representation of your life’s work. The people who matter will appreciate you for your hard work, passion and heart.

I finally realize that self-love is all about understanding yourself. Now, I know that failure will come, things will get hard and I will fall on my face. But it will not stop me from loving myself and making myself my first priority. I will keep moving forward and keep growing.

So, as I continue to love myself, I have the understanding that I am the complete expression of my life. It’s my job to take charge of it and learn from it.

As I continue to love myself, I have the understanding that I need to accept failure. But I won’t let them destroy me, but instead will build more pillars to hold on to.

As I continue to love myself, I have the understanding that I need compassion for other people and need to do anything to help them.

As I continue to love myself, I understand that I am the only who can define myself and that no one can invalidate my feelings and beliefs.