This Is Why She’s Trying Not To Fall For You


She’s fallen before, she took the risk, wearing her heart on her sleeve. She gave him everything, and believe me— when I say everything, I mean everything; but her everything was never enough for him. There always seemed to be someone better than her. He played her and still, she couldn’t get a grip; instead, she let herself fall, only to dive, head first into the pavement when he left.

It took her months to mend herself, to pick every single piece, and glue her heart back together.

Once finished, she promised herself not to fall again because even though she glued herself back together, she still blames herself for letting it happen, for falling in the first place.

Then suddenly here you are, making her laugh. Your presence alone makes her forget about the pain and sorrow her heart just got out of. And she’s scared — my god is she scared; because in such a short time you’ve become so important in her life. She’s scared because of every emotion you make her feel, because you show her beauty and fun in the simplest of things. Because you paint her world back in color. Because whenever she’s with you, she can smile and laugh and not feel guilty about it. Because you and only you can make her live in the moment and stop looking to the past and how others broke her. She’s scared because of the power you’ve got over her life; how a single thought of you can paint a huge smile on her face, because after the last guy broke her, she swore she’d never give someone who much power over her — yet somehow, with you, that seems quite impossible.

She’s scared because I’m afraid to say, she’s already fallen for you, but she won’t admit. She’s scared because she’s all too well related with people leaving her and finding someone better. Because you, looking at her the way you do seems too beautiful to be true.

She’s scared because she fears you’ll leave one day… and she doesn’t want to lose someone like you. She doesn’t want to lose you and all the feelings you bring along.

She’s scared because everybody before you made her feel like she wasn’t good enough; but you make her feel like she is good enough. Because you are different than any other guy she’s met before.

Because you seem too good to stay, too good to want her; because she still can’t quite believe that someone like you would lay eyes on her and stay.

She’s scared because after everything you’ve made her feel, after all the joy you’ve brought to her life, after all the color you’ve brought into her world and all the tears you’ve turned into laughter… she just doesn’t want to lose you.