This Is Why Strong Women Are The Sexiest


You should never be embarrassed about your independence. You should never feel ashamed of the fact that certain men are intimidated by you. You should be proud of that.

You don’t have to be a damsel in distress in order to find love. Real life isn’t like a fairy tale.

The strongest women are the sexiest women.

It’s better if you have a life of your own. If you know how to wash your own clothes and change your own oil. If you can survive on your own instead of relying on others to help you whenever a small problem arises.

Your strength is attractive. It’s something that is going to draw people towards you, not push them away. 

Of course, some men might be annoyed that you don’t need them. They might wish that you were the needy type, so that they could coddle you. So that they could spend more time with you. So they could feel like you would suffer without them, and because of that, would never dream of leaving them.

But the right person for you will love how kickass you are. They’ll be happy that you keep them around because you want them, because you love them, and not because you need them. 

The right person will brag about you to all of their friends and family, because they find you impressive, inspiring. The right person will understand that you need your space, that you don’t always want to be joined at the hip.

Never settle for anyone that makes you feel bad for being a badass. Someone that wishes you would hand them jars to open and beg them to kill spiders. Someone that wishes you were some cliche.

Your strength is what makes you so attractive. It’s what the right person is going to love the most about you.

That’s why you should never dumb yourself down to impress someone. You should never act like you’re lost or confused, because you think intelligence is a turn-off.

If you have something to say, say it. If you need to correct someone, then go ahead. Anyone that calls you a bitch for being a strong woman isn’t someone you want around you, anyway. 

The right man will want you to speak your mind. He’ll encourage you to spread your message. He’ll be proud of the fact that he found a woman that knows how to take care of herself.

Never hold yourself back to make some man like you, because being yourself is more than enough.

After all, strong women are the sexiest women. Don’t you ever think otherwise.