This Is Why The Best Time To Change Your Life Is Now


Months have already passed since you listed down the things you wanted to change in your life this year. It has been months. I know it feels like it was only yesterday, you clinked that glass of wine with a friend, New Year’s Eve, no worries whatsoever, life is amazing, this is going to be my year, our year, it’s going to be awesome. But way past the “soon”, Fam.

And I cannot even describe the horror I felt when I realized that we have used up all our chances to change something for the past few months. We’re getting older by the minute, and sometimes, it’s excruciatingly unnerving. But we’re fine. We have survived all those months, and years, and we will survive the next years to come.

Let’s face it. We have so many things we wanted to achieve by this time of the year, but never did. It could be that someone broke your heart, and you wanted to be able to live life like you did before, happy and carefree. It could be that we wanted to travel, go see places around the world, meet new people and just feel young again. It could be that we wanted to pursue a new career, something exciting, something we thought we’d never think about in a million years. We didn’t get to do some of those things, and tell you what… That’s okay.

Some things in life are not meant to be. I know that’s a totally annoying statement, but it’s true. There will be times when you will be frustrated about how life is, but I’m pretty sure that you will eventually understand. Maybe someone left you, and you’re devastated. Now is the time that you get back up, and just love yourself more than you can love anyone in this world. Because when you do, it might hurt a bit still, but it will be so much easier to tolerate. Let them go, some things in life are just not meant to be.

You might have been praying for something for so long, but you have never gotten it. Yet. You see, God knows when you’re ready, He knows when the perfect time is. And He knows very well if something is for you, or not. And that’s something you have to accept and still be grateful for.

A lot has happened these past months. It could be that you were happy for a little while, a few weeks, a few months. And it could be that you have experienced some tragic events, sad circumstances, unfortunate happenings. But remember that in every single thing that is happening in your life, there will always be a reason behind it. And you have to learn to be grateful for even the little things, you have to be able to accept even the ones that you feel you never deserve in your life, the events that happened, those that never happened (but you wish could have), things you never achieved, the people who left. The world will not stop revolving whether you succeed or fail, so you have to learn how to pick yourself up no matter what happens.

Here’s the thing. It may already be a few months (or years) since you promised yourself that you will do what you wanted to do, way past your deadline, but it’s never too late to try again.

Try harder. Love yourself more. Appreciate the little things in life more. Learn how to love life again. Start now, start again. Things will fall into place at the right time, when they’re ready. And remember: everything that is worth it is never easy.

You’ll see. It’s going to be awesome.