This Is Why We Should Live For The Moments That Make Us Feel Like We’ve Got Nothing Figured Out


Sometimes you feel lost. “What is my purpose?” you wonder. “What am I supposed to be doing?”

I’ve wandered from place to place. I’ve hopped from one job to the next and from one social group to another. I love exploring new territory. When it no longer wows me, I know it’s time to move on.

I embrace this part of me, but with that sense of adventure comes anxiety. There’s a feeling of unease lingering inside me at the thought of not having it all figured out. What’s my path? What’s the end goal?

Like you, I’ve walked the Earth unsure of anything. I’ve searched for an answer that might bring structure to my life.

Like you, there are times I’ve felt hopeless, frustrated, lost. But through that uncertainty, I’ve realized something. It’s okay to not know.

My experience has taught me there’s no need for us to know. Whatever the universe might be, it knows what it’s doing. Even in the grand scope of things, your name is on a galactic chalkboard somewhere. There are a thousand arrows pointed to it and from it with people, events, moments, and places. You’ll get to all of them, one way or another.

Understanding this has brought me peace of mind and inspired me to write out my own truth; an anti-purpose of sorts. It is a declaration to surrender, to let go of that need to make sense of the mysteries of life.

May it serve as a reminder that we don’t have to figure it all out. Life is messy, it is intricate, and it is to be experienced.

My path is a serendipitous one.

I’m an idealist, naive as ever. I’m guided by a divine plan, unbeknownst to me. From whom or what was it set? I do not know. I do not care to. I simply trust in life; it takes me where it will.

I am fascinated by whatever lies ahead. It has my full attention. Any hard work will be too easy with an inspirational spark.

But eventually, those fires die. Is discipline the answer? Not always, not for me. The routine is not my lifestyle. Boredom is my enemy, my weakness, my kryptonite.

Boredom is also my finish line. Any apathy is short lived and misery becomes my ally. It means new beginnings! The sun sets countless first times for me. How marvelous to be the very worst, all over again, if only for a time.

I know myself. There is no single island that is right for me. I hop from one rock to the next. I swim in waters until I’ve soaked up every last drop. Each new ocean is a mysterious one, with streams and rivers intertwined. Sometimes the waters are deep, sometimes too cold. Sometimes I’m so far from the shore, I wonder if I’ll ever make it back. I cry because no one can hear me.

I am owed neither love nor triumph – I am not as hopeless as that. But life leaves room for them. I see them dangling in the stars and sometimes I can reach them. When I can’t, I know they are there. So when all goes awry, I look up, breathe, and smile. The treasures along my journey show up eventually.

Where does the path lead? I never know. I used to want to know. It killed me not to. Alas, I must ride the wave. It has never steered me wrong. Obstacles become learnings. Accomplishments become stepping stones for fresh endeavours. My ladder is bent and deformed, but not broken. It is tough as rock, true as the world itself. It is genuine like God above. It is my road and my guide, and every step upward is a pleasant surprise.

Our purpose for being here is not for us to know, but for us to discover. We spend all this time searching for our path, failing to realize we’re already on one!

Have faith that you’re headed towards everything meant for you.

Live for serendipitous moments rather than torture yourself trying to make sense of what is completely unrecognizable.

Embrace the mystery and simply let it unfold.