This Is Why Women Are So Attracted To Men Who Are Deep Thinkers


Admit it – you fell for him on the first date. He was different from other guys you’ve dated in so many ways. The conversation easily flowed, and you glanced his way more than a few times to find him already looking back at you, as if he was reading you. He was quiet, mysterious, patient, and incredibly charming, (but not in the way that guys obnoxiously try to impress a girl). He came off as the most genuine deep-thinker you’ve ever been out with. And that is why he caught your attention.

As you started seeing each other more frequently, everything seemed easy and smooth – nearly perfect. You discussed ideas and future goals and your personal beliefs.

Unlike the guys that wore their hearts on their sleeves, you couldn’t fully read him which made him all that more intriguing. Normally easily bored, your mind was constantly on him. He had you, hook-line-and sinker. You bragged to all of your friends the little sweet things he did for you – how he bought you vitamin C drops when you felt a cold coming on. How he held your hand in the car and gently pulled it up to press his lips against it.

He’s a puzzle that you just want to methodically piece together, taking your time on the parts that seem more difficult to comprehend. He gets your heart beating, calms your anxious mind, and quiets your busy thoughts when you’re living in each moment together with him. You ask yourself, “how does a guy so perfect even exist?” He’s so gentle and well-mannered, it’s hard to figure out why any girl in the world would ever let him go…

And then it dawns on you – he’s never been let go. He is the type of man that is complex – the type of man that makes a game out of figuring women like you out all before he starts planning his escape. He believes in soul mates and twin flames, and you buy into the idea even if you have never considered it before. He believes in synchronicity and number patterns, astrology and the fact that coincidences don’t exist. You melt at his every word, ever eloquent thought that he speaks from his beautifully intelligent mouth.

That’s when you realize that you are not the first person he’s thought of as a soulmate. He’s had this idea of the perfect girl in his mind his whole life, and until he finds the girl that perfectly correlates to that image, he’s breaking hearts along the way. You are a number in line, now hoping to be that one woman he’s been wanting his whole life. Realizing the odds are against you, your heart sinks but you hope for the best.

Uncertainty makes it hard to breathe at times just dreaming about the day you two get married and start a life together, but knowing that may never happen. Soon, you might be one of the many girls left in the middle of this fantasy world they’ve imagined with him, and he will be onto the next stand-in soulmate.

Deep men live a life less ordinary and make you weak at the knees when they stare right into your soul. You want to live this amazing life with them, exploring new places and thinking up the most impossible ideas. With simple shallow men, you know what you are getting and they are very outward with both their thoughts and actions. But they somehow can’t draw you in like the deep man, drawing many women into their world. Maybe that’s why so many women are left drowning along their way…