This Is Why Women Need To Be Kinder To Other Women


As a woman, I’ve learned that it’s tough being a woman.

We get paid less than men, we’re taken less seriously, when we’re taking charge we’re considered “bossy”, and we have yet to shatter the glass ceiling in its entirety. We’re harassed, we’re catcalled, we’re told we’re too much or not enough.

And to top it all off, we’re told that we gossip, we stab each other in the back and we’re each other’s competition. We need to be prettier, smarter and overall better than the rest of us.

The worst part?

Too many of us cisgendered women internalize and act on these toxic traits. We talk crap behind each other’s backs, we don’t want to be “like the other girls” and there are one too many videos of girls screaming at each other and getting into “cat fights”.

I’m sick of it.

We don’t have to be awful to each other. We need to remember that these destructive values have been passed down and projected on us – but we do not need to act on them.

For our own sanity.

Women need to be kinder to other women every day to empower each other, break down those negative stereotypes, and change the world’s perception of how we act towards one another. When we band together through acts of support and kindness, we make each other happier, we uplift each other, and we make the world kinder.

The more we exhibit toxic behavior towards one another, the more the rest of the world thinks it’s okay to do so as well.

We need to be kinder to one another to set an example for younger women and girls. We need to teach them to be nice to each other. We need to show them that we don’t spread rumors or gossip – it’s hurtful, not inclusive and downright rude. We need to rid them of those potentially traumatic experiences with toxic friendships that too many of us already carry wounds from.

The more we’re harmful towards one another, the more other girls and women think it’s okay to behave the same way.

We have to show each other and the world that female relationships don’t have to be like that.

We don’t all have to get along – people, in general, don’t all get along – we just have to be kind and support one another.

Our actions make all the difference.

When we smile at other women, support their ideas, compliment them on things other than the way they look, spend time with female friends we love and change our attitudes from “she sucks” to “she’s great”, we can make the world a better place – for ourselves and for all of the women who come after us.