This Is Why You Absolutely Can NEVER EVER Associate Yourself With Your Friend’s Ex


This is a universal rule that we as women understand and abide by. “Girl-Code” if you will. The immutable law stating that you can never ever date your friend’s ex. Well, I believe it is the time we extend that rule into never ever associating yourself with your friend’s ex. Does not matter if that association be completely un-platonic. You have a duty. Once your friend leaves her boyfriend, you have a call to action, to be the best possible side bitch that you can possibly be. You owe your undying loyalty to your friend because odds are he’s a fucking asshole and deserves to die in a hole. There are far too many assholes in this world for you to be another one of them.

So this is why you absolutely can NEVER EVER associate yourself with your friend’s ex.

Clearly, for the relationship to have ended, something must have gone wrong between both parties at some point. At some point, tensions got so high, and issues got so unbearable that these two people had no choice but to agree never to see one another again. Now, your friend is in pain. She’s in pain because of whatever this fucker did to hurt her. If she broke up with him, he hurt her. If he broke up with her, he hurt her. Maybe she did do something wrong, but that doesn’t matter, she’s your friend, she’s hurt, she needs you, and at this point, there is only one side you can take.

Now, you are not allowed speak to him, you are not allowed to joke with him, you are not allowed to like his photos, you are not allowed to comment on posts, you are not allowed to exchange hellos in passing, you are not allowed to even look at them. This shit dick is the scum of the Earth because he hurt her. He hurt her bad. 

Your friend confided in you all the pain and heartache and the distress that this horrible fucked up human being put her through, and by associating yourself with that ex in any way, you are basically saying “I don’t give a fuck how horribly this person treated you.” That’s why its fucked up and insensitive and it hurts your friend. She doesn’t want to see him prosper, she doesn’t want to see him happy, she wants nothing but the worst and so does you.

Maybe the break up really wasn’t that bad. Maybe she really doesn’t give a shit about him.

Still doesn’t matter, you back her up and stay away from that medium fool.

Stay loyal ladies. We spend our lives searching for true friends. Friends that are always there to support us. Stay loyal to us. Be the friend you’d want to have. Let’s do our best, to make one another feel less lonely in this harsh world. 

So next time he tries to talk to you, kick him in the balls. Your friend will thank you.