This Is Why You Are Destined To Die Alone


You are going to die alone.

It’s not because you’re hideous — because you’ve gained a little weight and you can never keep your skin clear. It’s not because you’re an ordinary girl — because you’re not as exciting as you seem and every boy you meet will eventually get bored of you.

And it’s not because there are better girls out there — because no guy will be willing to spend his life with you when he could be sleeping with breathtaking strangers instead.

You’re going to die alone, because you won’t open yourself up to love. You won’t give out chances, even when they’re well-deserved. You’ve put an impenetrable barricade around your heart and you’re too stubborn to demolish it.

You’re going to die alone, because you’ve given yourself no other choice. You won’t let conversations turn into dates. You won’t let friendships develop into relationships. You won’t let like blossom into love.

But you don’t have to keep doing this — locking your soul away to appear emotionless.

You can protect your heart without closing it off completely. You’re smart. You know the difference between a sex-crazed boy that’s only interested in slipping off your dress and a boy that you have the potential to spend forever alongside. You know when taking a risk would be worth it. 

And honestly, once you fall for someone, your only option is to take a risk — but which one? Will you risk handing your heart over to him, even though he could crush it between his calloused fingers? Or will you risk pushing him out of your life, like you push everyone out of your life, and spending your nights wondering what would’ve happened if you had made a different choice?

Love isn’t about promises. It’s about hope. It’s about optimism. It’s about enjoying the moment you’re currently lost in, even if the next moment is set to bring you pain.

Unless you want to die alone, you have to be ready to embrace that pain. So you might as well unleash your heart and let it run wild. You might as well do what you’ve always wanted to do, but have been too terrified to do. You might as well let yourself feel.

The next time a boy makes your stomach flutter or your pulse jump, don’t force your eyes away from him. Don’t remind yourself of all of the people that have hurt you in the past. Don’t psych yourself out or set yourself up for disappointment.

Let yourself hope.

Because, if you think positively and love openly, then you’ll no longer be destined to die alone.