This Is Why You Can’t Let The ‘What Ifs’ Of Love Scare You Away


You took one look at him and your entire world stopped. Your eyes met and everything else faded away. The way he bantered with you made your palms go sweaty.

The way she tilted her head back and laughed made your throat go dry. The way her eyes danced with yours made your stomach do somersaults.

The hour-long talks on the phone easily turned into three. The good mornings and good nights came with anticipation and excitement. Every touch, every kiss is electrifying… is gravitating… is addictive.

You feel yourself falling. You feel yourself letting your walls down. Why does this feel like so much more than you have ever felt? Why does this feel so different? Why does this feel so… right?

Everything in your mind goes straight into panic mode as you suddenly start seeing this person in your long-term future.

It has to be too good to be true. Something has to go wrong.

The what-ifs that have haunted you from your last relationship with the person you thought was “the one” enter your mind, one-by-one.

Your fear of getting your world turned upside down, your heart stomped on, and your happiness sent into a downward spiral again starts to creep up.

It is too easy to overthink it all. It is too easy to read into every little thing. It is too easy for you to fill in these what-ifs with actions. It is too easy to assume the meaning of each action, of each word.

The scars from the past cause you to back away… to close off a little at a time.

Yet, you can’t get that magnetic connection out of your mind. You can still feel it from head to toe. This connection gives chemistry a whole new meaning. Why can’t you walk away like you have been able to easily do in the past?

The what-ifs are scary. The what-ifs feel so real when your heart is on the line. You both have been through hell and back in previous relationships. You have both given someone else your all without it being reciprocated. You have both had your hearts shattered. You both are terrified of feeling this way again… as you know, this time the heart ache will resonate with greater intensity. You both try to push each other away.

But you still can’t walk away from each other. The gravity pulls you back together, like a forceful magnet.

What about the pain that is bound to come with it… whether it’s due to disagreements, broken promises, heat of the moment words, or even death… you can’t love without pain. So why subject yourself to it, why place your heart in the hands of someone that could so easily destroy it?

Without risk, you can’t have love.

Yes, with love comes pain. But, if this is the real deal…. this doesn’t happen every day. Most people don’t even get lucky enough to feel this once. So wouldn’t it be better to feel this for three months than to have never felt it at all? Wouldn’t it be better to try than always wonder what-if?

So love. Love with all you have. Give it your all. If you feel different, it could mean that it is different this time.