This Is Why You Feel So Alone In Your Spiritual Beliefs


If you feel alone in your spiritual beliefs, it’s not because you’re the only one feeling the way you do.

It’s because people share and celebrate their certainties, and their faith. They are far less inclined to share their doubt, their reasoning, their inner conflict. They are far less willing to open up about the experiences that so many of us have but very few will come forward and speak about.

This is because most people are deeply dependent on their worldview remaining intact.

The idea of anything outside of what’s acceptable is just painful to even consider, it disrupts everything that they and everyone they know believe to be true. Everything that is comforting and gives them place, and direction, and inner peace.

But if you are one of the rare ones, one of the ones who is willing to question, to leap, and to explore — what you’ll find on the other side is something far more extraordinary than what you ever knew before.

Most people think that their spirituality is just what they were taught. They run through the motions and they keep the faith that maybe, one day, it will prove to be true.

The real spirituality is direct experience.

The experience of presence.

The experience of joy.

The experience of compassion.

The experience of humanity.

But even more than that, it’s the experience of pulling at that deep, inner knowing that wonders, is there more than this? Have the events of my life occurred at random or at the will of some figurehead, or is there a thread that runs through them, a purpose and a plan that’s my own?

It’s the experiences that you have that you both cannot explain, yet cannot deny.

It’s the theories that you’ve never been taught that make more sense than anything you were.

It’s the idea that maybe we don’t know what we don’t know, and maybe what’s “real” is beyond what we can even perceive.

That is okay.

The truth is that you feel alone in your spiritual beliefs because most people are too afraid to come out and say that they share them.

You feel alone because you think what you’re going through is happening solely to you, when it is happening to everyone, whether they realize it or not.

You feel alone because you’re not yet around the people who understand you and who are on a similar path — trust me, they exist.

You feel alone because you’ve never been called anything positive for vocalizing or even considering what you already, deep down, know to be true.

The point is not that you receive approval.

The point is that you’re willing to pursue that truth, wherever it takes you.

It is better to be wrong and have considered all possibilities than to stick to one and realize you might have missed out on the most profound experience of your life, just because you were afraid to step away from the crowd.