This Is Why You Should Date A Girl Who Eats


Author Disclaimer: I’m not trying to be damaging to anyone who’s suffering an eating disorder or struggling with body image. This is simply praise for the girls who aren’t ashamed to eat exactly what, and how much they want.

So why should you date a girl who eats?

1. You know you’ll get your money’s worth.

Buffets are all about getting delightfully full on your dollar. (Expensive dollar, that is.) But there’s nothing worse than taking a girl to a buffet and her ordering a baby-animal-sized meal, then claiming she’s full. Or even worse, missing out on the buffet experience altogether because she’s just not into it.

2. You’ll never feel like a fatso around her. 

Buffet, restaurant, dinner at Grandma’s—the goal is to eat. And eat a lot. Mealtimes are when you’re supposed to lose track of time and place and it’s socially acceptable to stuff your face. With a girlfriend who eats, you’ll get lost in the wonderful food-consuming experience. (You better watch those cheesecake bites though…she’s a stealer.)

3. No more awkward dates.

No more scowls at your two slices of apple pie and ice cream or disinterested glances at the door when she’s done and you’re only on your second plate. With a girl who eats, you’ll make conversation between bites and have plenty to talk about between rounds two and three…and dessert.

4. You might spend money, but it’s worth it.

Okay, so she’s not going to order the kid’s meal and pick at it. She’s going to order the full on meal with the side soup. Not the most expensive thing on the menu, but she is going to eat. It’s worth it though. Every penny, and every finger-licking, fork-sharing moment. Eating is fun. Eating with someone you love is fun. And sharing bite for bite—what’s more romantic than that?

5. She knows what’s important in life and enjoys it.

You’ve heard the quote, ‘the way to a guy’s heart is through his stomach.’ Well, like it or not, you know it’s probably 99% true (for all of us). And what’s better than dating a girl who knows (and loves) the value of food? The answer is nothing.

6. She’s confident.

You want to date a girl who knows herself. Who knows what kind of restaurant she wants to go to. Who knows what kind of salsa she wants on her burrito. Who enjoys eating and isn’t afraid to show it. She’s comfortable in her own skin and she’s herself around you.

7. She knows how to take care of herself.

Health-wise and financially, she knows that her love of food can get her into trouble sometimes. But she knows how to take care of herself. She knows when to hit the gym. She works so she can pay for her own meals. She’s got her sh*t together. And that makes her even more attractive.

8. She’ll be more fun.

She’s the girlfriend who will eat wings, drink beers, and watch football with you and the guys. She’ll always order the best food and share it with you, thus broadening your food horizons. She loves eating, so she’s probably a boss in the kitchen. And if that wasn’t enough, she’ll make your dinner dates, wine-and-cheese movie nights, and pretty much every other mealtime a bonding, happy experience. Can it get any better? 😜