This Is Why You Should Live Life Uncomfortably


Being comfortable is detrimental to your growth as a human being. It stifles creativity and shackles to a boring, uninspiring life. When you’re comfortable, self-improvement falls by the wayside and you become stagnant. Comfort is not satisfaction or success – it’s certainly not happiness. Comfort is merely a decoy, a lesser pretending to be a greater. While it may sometimes seem enough, it’s not. It’s discomfort, in fact, that will allow you to develop/improve/discover/explore and all the other great things you really need to be the best you can be.

Too often we allow a lease, a significant other or a paycheck from a something ten pegs below our dream job keep us fastened in our current states. We’re not meeting our potentials, and we’re okay with it. Playing the part, day in and day out, we’re leading lives we don’t even really love. Despite every opportunity to move away, to explore newness – we choose to be the same. We choose to be comfortable.

No more. Pick a city or town far away, and move there. Get a job to pay rent or volunteer or whatever. Meet people from different backgrounds, who have different and varying experiences. Learn from the newness. Embrace it. Walk the streets of a foreign place. Be scared. Be alone. Be uncomfortable.

Collect your bizarre encounters, your weird experiences, with a pride you’d expect of an antique collector gathering hot wheels. This is what life is all about. Seeing things, meeting people, going places and doing lots of stuff. That’s what life is. Only through living will you discover what you truly love, where your passions lie. Without realizing what brings you joy, you’re doomed to lead a hollow life, one poked full of holes where your passions should sit.

You’ve heard it before, that you only live once. If you’re not going to seize every day and seek out every opportunity to learn, be and enjoy – you’re wasting the only life you get. If you’re basing your actions upon expectations and reputation, you’re throwing away your single chance. This is your life. Fill it with worthwhile experiences the only way possible – be uncomfortable.