This Is Why You Were Never Really Happy Without Christ


People see you as a happy person, but you see yourself otherwise. People see you smile, but deep inside you’re hiding a silent but screaming cry.

And, you never really and fully know why.

You forget to look at what you have.

Rather than focusing on what you are given. Your eyes are wandering on what others have. Instead of focusing on your uniqueness, you frustrate yourself of being somebody else. You envy others and try your best to be like them. In the end, you lose yourself and your identity and still feel empty. Remember, discontent kills happiness.

You try to please everyone.

You try to be your big sister because you thought she was the favorite. You conform to what other people say and not stand up for what you believe in. You keep the real you and try to be someone else’s puppet. Trying to be everyone’s favorite is exhausting. Free yourself. Stop the pretense. You are you for a reason.

You are too afraid.

You live in constant fear and confine yourself in your box. You shy away from big and wonderful opportunities life hands you because you fear you don’t deserve them. You fear meeting new people because you assume they won’t like you. You fear stepping up because you feel like your opinions don’t matter. You fill your life with fear and leave no room for happiness.

You look for happiness on the wrong things.

Every person is in constant pursuit of happiness. Sadly, others grew tired and died and still never found theirs. Most of the time, you rob yourself of happiness because you look for happiness on the wrong people, the wrong situations, and the wrong things. Relationships, achievements, wealth, status, popularity – they can make you happy, yes, but not for too long.

You don’t know your real identity and worth.

Not experiencing real happiness all boils down to not knowing your real identity and worth. You don’t see how important you are so you drown yourself in self-pity. You tell yourself you are no good. You believe in lies telling yourself that you were never good enough.

Don’t make happiness your goal. That void in your heart can only be filled by God. Real and lasting happiness is a by-product of an intimate relationship with Him. He knows what could really make you happy because He created you. Seek Him first, and true joy will follow.

“Christ died for the ungodly. God demonstrates His own love toward us, in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.” (Romans 5:6,8)

If you only knew how much someone loved you that he died for you, you’ll see how special you are. Someone loves you, your flaws, fears, and failures. Jesus loves you and will never stop loving you, and I think that’s the best reason to be happy about.

I was unhappy once, but I found real joy and happiness in Christ.