This Is Why Your Career Defines The Kind Of Person You Date And Love


Sometimes I wonder why someone like Jay-Z is with Beyonce or Kanye West is with Kim Kardashian. When you are in the same line of career you understand each other’s strengths and weaknesses. You can connect with each other’s journeys and struggles.  And it is so cool to see couples in the same line of work. There are a lot of power couples out there.

What makes a power couple though?

I have been blogging for a while and all the time I wanted to date a politician or a fashion designer. But along the way I discovered dating my kind brought some fire and passion in the relationship rather than simply going after someone who didn’t understand what I do and how much impact I am trying to make.

There is no point in being in a relationship with someone who expresses contrasting ideas. For some this may be cool, but not me.

So here is why your career defines the kind of woman you date.

In a world of so much competition and different perspectives, isn’t it better to be in a relationship with someone who sees things from an angle you see it.

You can be happy about what you do

If you were a writer, you will love being a writer when you are in the midst of other writers. There is this confidence and self-satisfaction someone else who does what you do instill. You can retain your personality rather than try to be someone else. You are comfortable in your own skin for Godssake. You can be happy and feel valued when you are in a relationship with someone who understands and can interpret what you do.

You are productive.

Surely paycheck across boards could mean a lot, but the other person knows and appreciates how much you are giving. The focus is not about what you earn but about the effort you are making. And for this reason they are supportive and willing to lend a helping hand. When you don’t have unnecessary distractions in a relationship about how much you earn or what you do, you are certainly productive.

You want to give your best.

Now average isn’t something you will condone since you want to impress your partner. When you date someone in a similar field you are always pushed to excel because you either you want to impress them or find them as competition.

You can mingle more.

You wouldn’t be out of place when you are with their associates or workmates. You can certainly mingle with their associates and feel comfortable with people they are always hanging out with. Certainly what you

You  can feed your soul.

You learn and gain knowledge from the other person. You don’t simply see the other person as someone you date, you see the other person as someone you can benefit from.

You want to keep them.

You have more reasons to guard your relationship because you know you have a common interests when it comes to career. Yes you want to keep your partner and continue to build on such common bonds.

There is nothing to lose.

At the end of the day, there is nothing to be lost but to be gained by being with someone who has some professional attachment with you. You figure out that you have more to gain instead. So why don’t you make a bet on your union and being happy together.

You can laugh at your stupid mistakes.

Yes you can laugh at those silly mistakes you made when working. Yes you understand each other’s imperfections and can relate with that just fine.