This Is Why Your Life Has Been Falling Apart Lately, Based On Your Zodiac Sign



All those impulsive purchases and living too much in the here and now has really been catching up with you lately. You are determined to push yourself back into a positive place, but there have been so many delays and you keep finding your fire being put out by others leaving you in an impatient, agitated state. Waiting and handing over the reins isn’t usually your style, but you may want to give it a try at least temporarily to see if it can help your luck turn around while also giving you some time to cool down.


All these sudden changes happening in your life are becoming overwhelming, not to mention the exhaustion you feel when the alarm clock goes off earlier than you’d like every morning. Even the weather is making extreme shifts from day to day, making it too unpredictable for you to plan ahead for what to wear. Dig deep, dear bull, and try to laugh off your difficulty instead of stubbornly fighting them.


Spring fever has set in and you are finding yourself craving something new and different. The restlessness is impacting your work, making tensions rise with the authority figures in your life (which you already struggle with because you hate being confined by rules and procedure). Even your besties are bringing you down it seems, leaving your social butterfly wings restless as well. It might be time for a weekend with some new music or a trip to the bookstore, or maybe search for an outdoor activity you can get into and meet some new people to feed your desires.


Word around the water cooler is buzzing with your name lately, and it’s not a good thing. On top of all the gossip, your family seems to be falling apart lately with illness and injury that try as you might you just can’t wish away. You find yourself constantly questioning things lately, and feel rushed to make some tough choices. Self-care is much needed to give you time to think and recharge, hopefully allowing you to return to your usual, helpful, invisible self soon.


Some issues you’ve shoved under the rug for too long are coming back to haunt you. Plus, your love life isn’t hot right now, and you are feeling ignored. You are becoming jealous of everyone and everything that seems to be getting more attention than you, which unfortunately seems to be leaving everyone around you taking a step back for fear of being set ablaze. All of this could just be a problem of perspective, though, so try letting go of the negativity you feel and try seeing things from a different angle for a day or two. It might make all the difference and help you turn things around.


There seems to be something in the air making everyone around you extra hostile and rude. It’s driving you nuts! You’re ashamed of feeling this way and wonder if you are feeling too much. It’s all just getting you stuck in a negative funk that you can’t seem to climb out of, especially when even your family is pushing your buttons. The battle is all internal though because you are trying to fight your feelings with the facts. Take a break from all the tiny details and try letting your emotions drive for a bit. You might find it uncomfortable but eventually, it will lead to some light.


There is some turmoil within your home and family that is causing you great distress. Plus, you’ve been experiencing some big changes and are starting to feel the pressure as people urge you to make a quick decision. You feel dysregulated and like there’s a serious lack of harmony in your life. Though you hate the word conflict, just remember: conflict is inevitable but combat is optional. Hopefully that outlook will help you calm a few fires and bring back feelings of peace and justice soon.


Projects are proving to be more difficult than you thought, even for a master of puzzles and tinkering like you. Your stubbornness and pride are simply getting in your way as they cause you to refuse help or even the smallest bit of advice. Everywhere you turn everyone seems to have an opinion, but nobody is as smart as you so you just find yourself wanting to beat your head against your desk when anyone comes to “chat.” Perhaps letting go of your ego and allowing someone to partner up with you will actually be of benefit. What do you have to lose at this point?


The walls are closing in, you are feeling trapped and bored with the daily grind. This may partially be because you have bitten off more than you can chew, and people are starting to lose faith in your ability. You feel like you are in the dark and even lost at times (possibly to the point that you seek professional help). Try to seek comfort at home and remember that nothing should stand in the way of your happiness…even you.


Time isn’t your friend right now and you are feeling the pressure of how quickly it passes. You have been in a rut of pessimistic thinking; a cloud of negative energy seems to be following you everywhere. You have had to pass on a few things and even quit in the middle of a new idea, and that leaves you feeling incredibly hopeless. You just need to know that everything will be taken care of in time, and right now you don’t see how that’s possible. Keep working hard and being honest with those close to your heart and everything will work out with time.


Broken promises by someone close to you has left you feeling insecure and alone. You feel like your options are becoming increasingly limited and that the world is against you, like everyone has been disagreeing with everything you are trying to accomplish. You thought you were prepared, but you’ve felt like the rug has been pulled out from under you. Just stay calm and don’t let things get too heated and eventually you’ll clear up all the discord.


You’ve been down since taking down the Christmas tree, let’s be honest. The harsh reality of these first few months of the year has really taken its toll on you. There has been a lot of noise surrounding you and you have felt vulnerable and even a little naïve. It’s time to stop trying to hide behind all the masks: be transparent with the world around you and you should find peace and quiet internally again.