This Is Why Your Life Sucks Compared To Everyone Else Online


One of the most frustrating things that arises for me as a woman and business owner is how much consideration people give to others lives on social media. Let’s be real: Not everything you see on the internet is real (I hope you knew that already), but this whole notion of FOMO and #goals has gotten the best of so many people. Smart, ambitious, beautiful people like you who clicked on the link to this article for a reason.

So let me break it down for you. If you feel like you’re not measuring up to the people popping up on your newsfeed – you know, the ones who are all polished, blissful, traveling the world, clinking rosė midday, brunching hard with their #squad, it’s because your mental makeup is jacked up. Your mindset and your beliefs aren’t aligned with what you deeply desire, which obviously makes it no surprise that you’re scrolling through social with envy. You want it all, too. The fun, the success, the love, the happiness, the experiences. All of it. And why shouldn’t you? You deserve it.

Truth is, the story you tell yourself about why you can’t/don’t/won’t have all of your desires is what’s keeping you stuck in this perpetuating cycle of bullshit and comparison.

The reasons and excuses you come up with like, you don’t have ________ because ________, or you can’t do _______ until ________. That imprudent dialogue you have with yourself day in and day out only adds to your underlying feeling of lack. Why is it that you subconsciously believe you can’t have what everyone else has (even if it’s phony)?

The answer: Because you’ve told yourself for too fucking long that you can’t have it.

You’ve tricked your mind into believing you can’t (and won’t) have the life you desire and you’ve fed and fueled it with a million bullshit reasons and justifications. So when will you stop the cycle?

Why not start now?

Stop procrastinating, stop people pleasing, stop engaging in things you don’t want to do, start saying no, start prioritizing your needs, set clear boundaries and most importantly – stop comparing yourself to everyone you see crushing it in life. Their success is just proof that you can have it all, too. It’s up to you to make it happen.

Less talking, more doing. Less scrolling with envy, more scrolling with the expectation that you will someday have all of the things you’re swooning over. Because you will – once you decide to. Decide, commit and be open to receiving all that you truly want in life. Be patient and expect that it’s all working out for you. And don’t let anyone get in your way.