This Is Your Life, Demand The One You Want


I wish I had realized a long time ago that I had this voice inside of me that was meant to be shared. This reckless, fearless, sound that vibrates at a higher frequency.

We all have it. Etched inside each of us is our purpose. What we are meant to radiate out into the world. And the problem is, so few of us bring forth that power. We don’t demand what is inherently ours until we are forced to. Until it is challenged out of us.

We carry the weight of trepidation, and we blame it on lack of means or the practicality of life. But it is what we deserve. We deserve to share. To be seen. To be valued and heard. Don’t get in your own way of that.

Because I wish I wouldn’t have spoken in hushed tones. Or been what I thought everyone else wanted me to be.

I starved myself that right of life. I looked outward for a purpose when I always should have been looking in. Because like the cypress tree my roots run deep, begging to be seen above ground.

And I shouldn’t have seen my kindness as a liability. Because you can be dangerous and still sweet all in one. In fact, that is the most lethal combination of woman there is. You deserve to stand your ground and stretch out your limbs. This is your space. This is your experience.

I know the pain doesn’t seem worth it at the time. That coming untethered from the monster pinning us down will exhaust our spirit. And it will. But monsters are meant for fairytales, and you were meant for epics.

You will survive. And your light will radiate from the pain. Your experiences will cultivate your true self. So don’t cut yourself down to be used for other people. Feed the roots. Let yourself bloom in front of the world. And do it for you. Not for the monster, you buried, or the you, you think looks good on paper.

Do it for your conscious self. And you will grow. And your growth will carry on for hundreds of years. You are strength. Your frequency will be picked up.

And the hope is it will vibrate on the wavelength of those who need it most. That they will recognize you’re light because they’ve seen it in themselves. When they are alone and shed their skin, and are in that moment of sincere identity. They will recognize that extension of true self.

Then, they will demand it. They begin to take up space. They sow the land. They do the work, and they find their voice.

There is a combination in all of us meant to be seen if we are willing. So accept the challenge.

It’s your experience to take.

Demand it.