This Is Your Reminder That Everything Is Happening In The Order It’s Supposed To


It’s so easy to get caught up in the anxiety of what we think we should be doing or what we think should be happening. It’s almost effortless to lose faith in our own visions and goals when we are continuously being reminded that we don’t have complete control over the things that happen and when they happen to us.

I want you to remember that everything really is happening in the order that it’s supposed to. Everything is being perfectly pieced together all moments of the day. You are growing in the ways you need to in order to be able to grasp what you’ve always wanted. You are learning in the ways you need to be taught in order to give your knowledge and truth to the world, to the people that need to hear it. You are being subjected to give every single thing in your life the time that it needs in order to come to you when it’s meant to, when it’s really for you. You are creating the things you need to create in order to obtain peace and happiness and have it not be contingent on anything.

Everything that is happening right now is supposed to be happening right now. It’s required to occur because it’s these moments that are happening right now that will bring you to the days that you are longing for.

Have faith in your process, even when you cannot see it. Remember that everything is happening in the order it’s supposed to for the greater good of everything you have ever hoped and dreamed for.

Believe in the timing of your process and your plan for yourself. The momentum you give yourself by simply trusting in your own vision and your own bigger picture will take you there faster—you will start to see your own light faster.

Everything is happening at the exact time that it is meant to.