This Is Your Reminder That Quarantine Is Not A Competition


We are collectively living through a massive shift that is flooded with severe lows but also significant highs. There are an immense amount of lessons being delivered to us from the Universe that I believe we are all still trying to process and hopefully hone into. And as difficult as it is, I am ever learning to allow the severe lows to fully run their course through me. I am learning to receive them fearlessly with open arms while sitting outside of myself to be the witness of all that is entering into my hemisphere. This is an opportunity to focus on spending less time asking “why?” and more time accepting the now.

Throughout my time of quarantine, I have been made aware of the overwhelming pressures from outside forces that can make us feel like we aren’t doing “enough” in our day to day. But I am here to share some personal experiences with you that I hope will bring ease to your being.

I didn’t work out yesterday. I didn’t give my body a whole lot of nutrients. I didn’t meditate. I didn’t go outside. I didn’t write in my journal. I didn’t talk to any friends. My mind was chattering a whole lot more than normal but quite frankly, I didn’t have the energy to shut it up. So, I just let myself be. I didn’t fight myself or beat myself up for not feeling my best. I felt all of the feelings. I allowed myself to be vulnerable and that was enough. Today has been better, and tomorrow may be the same, or maybe it will be different. I’ll set some mental and physical goals for myself, and maybe I will fulfill them all or maybe I won’t. Either way, it’s all okay. However the day goes for you is perfectly okay.

Quarantine is not a competition with yourself or with others.

Be proud of yourself for however you got through the day. Whether it was by being very productive or just simply breathing, focus on taking care of yourself and letting yourself be. Be happy, be sad, be hopeful, be anxious, be angry, be joyful, be tired, be energetic. There is no right or wrong way of being; there is just being. Raw, authentic being. Day by day, hour by hour, heartbeat by heartbeat. Within these fluctuations of feelings, something that has persisted to be very challenging for me is trusting that “everything happens for a reason”, but I am slowly becoming aware of a lesson that is continuing to keep me grounded.

The most traumatic experiences that we endure in life unveil a deep, inner power and strength that has always lived within us, but that may only come to the surface when faced with something intimidating enough to unleash it.

So perhaps if it weren’t for said traumas, you would never truly know the capacity of your own power. A power that is now awakened within you to fully embrace and utilize, not only to fight these traumatic experiences and future ones to come, but also in your everyday life. Carry this strength with you and allow that fire to continue burning inside of your gut. Watch as it ignites your spirit to soar to the higher grounds that you deserve to flourish on.

I never thought that I would look back and honestly admit that I am grateful for some of the most painful and horrendous battles that I have been thrown into, but without them, I would never be able to face adversity the way that I do today. Thus, when darkness comes sweeping, remember that living in your own shadow will only sink you deeper. Choose to live in your strength. Welcome your power into your arms. Believe in yourself to overcome and I promise your spirit will continue to sing.

I hope whoever needed to hear this is still reading for one last reminder:

You are not alone and you are more than enough.