This Is Your Reminder That You Are The Hero Of Your Story


Sometimes it can be hard to see the fine line between letting the universe lead the way and taking destiny into your own hands. People often say that “everything happens for a reason.” That can definitely help us get through tough times. We cling to hope like an emotional lifeline. Hope is the one thing that keeps us going when things get hard. Hope holds you and tells you that no matter what is happening right now, no matter how lost or alone or scared you might feel, no matter how strongly you believe that this is the end for you, there is something better coming your way and you will be okay. This flicker of a flame is burning within you right now — can you feel it?

You’ve probably heard people say, “I never thought my life would turn out like this, but I’m so glad it did.” Or you hear stories about someone getting fired or rejected or broken down, shattered, and bruised, but then years later they are happier or more successful than they ever could have imagined. It’s as if there was a whole story written out for them, but they couldn’t see it because they were only on chapter one. Life never really seems to go exactly the way you plan, does it? That is a beautiful thing.

So although it’s important to work hard and go after your goals, it’s also important to surrender to the greater picture — to the picture you may not yet be able to see. Right now, the hero of the story is in the midst of battle, in a place so dark that we have no idea how they’ll make it out. But they will. They always do. They’re the hero. You are the hero of your story. You don’t have to believe it right now, because you are held and loved by something greater — the hope in all the hearts of every human, in the heart of the Earth that carries your heavy soul is also in you. The energy within me is within you is within the universe. That never fades. That never dies. You are not alone on this journey.

Be open to the winding paths of life and be open to change. You are not a failure because you failed. You are not a mistake because you made a mistake. Release the blame, anger, and guilt. Release the shame for not making a different choice. You do the best with what you have and where you are. You may want to be good and do good in this world, but you are not always good and do not always do good. You are flawed and human and that is the most beautiful thing. No matter how hard you try to be ‘perfect’ by your own standards, you will fail and you will make mistakes. Do not let this stop you. You can become so focused on the weight of your feet, your head in the dirt, that you do not see the sun and the stars and the moon above you, illuminating your path, holding you in love. You cannot see the signs of hope. Look up. Look ahead.

Trust in yourself and trust in the path you cannot yet see. Trust that everything will make sense one day. Embrace change even if you did not choose that change yourself. Go after what your heart desires, but do not be angry with yourself if you later change your mind. Continue to trek through the heartbreak and turmoils of life, because you are unstoppable. You are blessed with the opportunity of a new day and a chance to try again.

So, say thank you to your soul for leading the way when you do not know which step to take. Say thank you to the universe for holding your fears and sparking the light within you over and over again. Say thank you to your failures and mistakes for the person they helped you become. Say thank you to yourself for continuously picking yourself back up, for the courage in your heart to keep starting over. Say thank you to life for this experience, for you are alive and breathing and that is a blessing that this world needs.

I can’t wait to see where your story will take you next.