This Is Your Reminder That You Can Survive Anything


Loss and change used to hit me extra hard because I had deeply rooted beliefs beneath them that told me things like, “What if your life isn’t as good now?” and “What if you can’t survive without this / them?”. My inner child tied strings between change/loss and my needs not getting adequately met. Which as a child, was true. However as an adult, I am writing a different story just like everyone else – wanting to be completely free from old traumas and mindsets that are so outdated they no longer hold fresh wisdom or truth. 

What I’ve learned as an adult who continues to explore all of the barriers in my mind is this:

We have everything we need to survive inside of us. Our life can never become less if we show up to it knowing our own foundation is enough to begin with. We can only get bigger, expand, and dive into greater and more magnificent love as each day continues.

The bumps we experience are merely the universes way of rerouting us, offering us a free map only at the expense of us having to travel lighter.

Our ability to survive is not contingent based on the things we lose or the situations that take from us, which is why we have to water where we already live. We have to make our foundation a place that feels like home so that we never dare to search for it somewhere else, so we never have to be scared of feeling homesick. In order to not feel the fear of loss, we have to know we already know how to survive it before we ever get the chance to lose in the first place.

Our bodies are hardwired for survival. Our emotions tell us we are weak, broken, and too much in disarray to move through it – and our emotions also lie. This is your reminder that you can survive anything, that you will survive everything.

You will befriend yourself enough to feel like home. You will replace your fear of change with the ease that comes from standing with your own two feet. You will love and be loved even harder, even more properly than ever before.

You will survive. You will continue to survive. You will continue to go through things that open you up more so that you can receive more, always more.